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PUMPS!!! ..fricking pumps!

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PUMPS!!! ..fricking pumps!

Postby Wetstuff » Fri Jul 09, 2004 6:50 pm

The single most hated item in my kit. I've broken two this season - so far. (I tend to arrive late and rush a bit...) The shaft broke on one at the handle and one handle broke off another.

Nooooo!! You have a helluva time exchanging parts between two broken one's. ...forget glue already.


I just saved you $100+. This big one looks like you can abuse the hell out of it. But: 1) it's too tall. Even at 6'/183cm, I cannot find a comfortable angle for leverage. (perhaps if I buried the bottm in the sand?!) ...2) it's only a one-way valve and starts bucking when the pressure builds. ...3) even though large, it does not 'top off' the bladder as well as the small one - perhaps the tiny nozzle also restricts the pressure?

I'm lucky I have a few more to kill, but if you are new and only have one - buy a cheapo as a backup. ...and remember to take it with.

I have a sign where I store my kit: TAKE ALL KITES. You can never tell what conditions you'll end up in.


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