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Prokitesurf Kite repair center

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Prokitesurf Kite repair center

Postby Kite Scarecrow » Mon Aug 16, 2004 11:43 pm

Two sundays ago, I was flying my 21, and out of the blue it fell out of the sky. While I was trying to relaunch it, I got it on its back and managed to get tangled up with a fisherman's long line... The end result was several lateral cuts to the kite. None in too critical of a place, but would have been alot worse had I actually been able to relaunch the kite.

Monday, the kite was second day'ed to Corpus Christy. The kite landed in thier shop Wednesday. All repairs were done to the kite that day, and the kite was back out in the mail by Thursday... and on my doorstep Friday afternoon. Much to my surprise...

The repairs were taped and stitched and all repairs are guranteed for the life of the kite. They did a very good and professional job, and I highly recommend them. Contact Jeff at

One of the guys who was on the beach the sunday I got into this mess said to me yesterday "It is too bad you messed up your 21, because you will need it today." He was very surprised I already had my kite back in less than one week.


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