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Takoon Skoop 8.5

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Takoon Skoop 8.5

Postby Toby » Wed Feb 19, 2003 11:48 am

On the beach
Brand: Takoon
Model: Skoop
Real surface: 11.6
Projected surface: 8.5
Aspect ratio: 4.8
Equipment: Small diameter depower bar, releasable big and small loops, pump, 7 inflatable struts.
Wind range: 12 to 26 knots for a 70 kg rider using a twin tip board, 10 to 22 knots for a 55 kg rider and 17 to 32 knots for a 90 kg rider.

Design/Finish: Good finish, but the materials seem to be lighter than those of other models. The design and colours translate into an original style.

Specifications: The Skoop is for advanced to expert riders. Its technical features result in incredible performance, combining stability and control.

On the water
Safety features: The small trim loop has a Quick Release system, allowing separation from the kite if in real danger. A leash is attached to the harness and anchored to the front flying lines. There is a system to position the leash In relation to the kite’s surface which allows you to fine-tune the bar so that it doesn’t always slide up the front lines when the bar is released, one should simply tie a loop knot on one of the front lines to stop the bar from going too high. ?

Re-launch: The kite is equipped with a rear re-launch system. With a bit of know-how, you will easily re-launch your kite. Without this system, depending on the wind, the 8.5 may be fairly difficult to re-launch, as is the case with all other kites of this aspect ratio.

Power: This 8.5 (or 11.6 flat) isn’t all that powerful. In light wind, it accelerates with difficulty and it quickly looses power. On the other hand, in stronger wind, it has excellent power and maintains good traction. In maximum power position the wing stays in position and continues accelerating. One should be careful with its power when at the neutral point in strong wind; whether on the edge of the window or at the zenith, the wing really pulls very hard.

Stability: The stability is very good while riding or jumping. With irregular wind, we noticed that the wing has a tendency towards shaking and deforming. Despite the segmented leading edge designed to make the kite more rigid and responsive, the Skoop seems slightly lacking in maintaining its shape. This however, does not affect the kite’s stability and its incredible lifting power in big jumps.

Control/General comfort: The Takoon is very pleasant to steer. It accelerates well. With the pulley system for rear re-launching the kite is very easy to pilot in strong wind, but is less responsive if the wind is too light. When piloting direct, without the rear-launching system rigged, the Skoop is still very responsive and maneuverable. Easy to use in moderate wind, it becomes a true elevator in gusty or strong wind. It provides great lift and gliding power; this may take you by surprise!

User range: The Scoop 8.5 performs in strong wind but a bit less in lighter wind. It’s not an ultra-powerful kite but in strong wind it becomes incredibly performant. The depower system is good.

General description and impressions: This Skoop is a pleasant kite, ultra performant in its wind range. It is responsive and stable despite the impression that it deforms in very irregular wind conditions. It offers huge elevating power and might be dangerous for a novice. For the others, it helps you go even higher…

The positive points: Its responsiveness and elevating power.’s advice: Be careful of the way it reacts in irregular wind. Try jumping far from the beach at first! It goes UP! This is not a kite for just anybody.

User range: Advanced to expert riders
Specifications: It conforms perfectly to the specifications! It is indeed a performant kite whilst remaining very stable and maneuverable… To be used by experienced and expert riders.

Their comments
Guillaume, 20, 66 kg: “Not very rigid but a lot of gliding power!â€

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Postby gottmoore » Thu Aug 19, 2004 4:14 am

August 04-
2 year input

despite the lightness of the kite
it has held up amazingly well
better than anyone could have imagined when it came out
I almost didnt buy it cause I tought it wouldnt last :roll:
why TK left this approach for Porcher in 03
must have been marketing feedback gone wrong!

I ride surf and have put this kite down
more than a few times with no effect
no rips no tears
Toby is right this kite is not so easy to relaunch
it hangs(at least for me)up just shy of launch

its showing its age in tiny stress tears on the leach,
mostly from the slight flutter on downstroke
with undertensioned back lines

has enormous depower capability and huge wind range
20-40 for me at 225 lbs
ok on low end because it flies fast- but you got to work it hard
better in mid to high end

original bladders including main
repairs in a few but still holding
casing tension not relavent to kite performance
flys as well soft as hard

but the design is ageless
I still havent seen or ridden a kite this size that
can really beat the performance of this kite
I liken it to a Ferrari- fast, powerful
when litt
head snapping acceleration vertical
not for the timid

turns ok pretty quick

tends to "lay out" and lag a little
down the line in surf - high AR issue :-?

got this one used and kite only in 02
no bar review

bag is adequate, but nothing special
Best copied it, and TK left it after '02
pump is long gone

winner- most vivid color scheme ever
flouro pink and white
can be seen for miles

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