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Nitro 05 1st impressions

Posted: Wed Sep 08, 2004 4:28 am
by Nico
Being regular Cabrinha user, I had the pleasure of testing my first nitro 05 yesterday.
To start of I got quite a surprise when I pumped up the beast, it just stayed flat on it,s back instead of trying to roll on its trailing edge like the previous kites did. This is due to the prospan I presume.
The safety system on the bar was a bit confusing and seems a bit more complicated to reasemble, time will tell of it's effectiveness. There are two settings on it, one for launching where if you let the bar go it will trigger the safety automaticaly (good for safe land launches), and one setting for cruising where the safety will have to be activated to function.
In the air the feel was very different from the 04s.
Steering forces where very light and I had to look up regularly to get used to the kites response to my movements.
I also could see a whole lot of the kite because of it's wider opening (prospan).
The powerlock system has been modified, this hooks in and out a bit easier.
The pull of the 12 felt about the same as my 14 04 model, so beware if you want the right size. Best to test one first.
The kite felt pretty powerfull for its size and was very smooth in handling.
All in all I am stoked once again and look forward to the coming days for more "new" sensations.