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Nitro 05' 14m

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Nitro 05' 14m

Postby Guest » Fri Sep 10, 2004 11:58 pm

Used my 14m yesterday. 17kts, gusty choppy wind, 135x38 board, and 95kgs. Compared to my 04' 14m this represents a new direction for Cabrinha. The best way to describe it is soft and smooth. It is almost weird how soft it feels. Like another poster said sometimes you need to really watch the kite to see were it is because you can't feel what it is doing on the bar. The first thing I noticed is that it looks to be higher in aspect than last years kites. Jumping was ridiculous very very floaty and high. To me it is a very nice combo. The kite speed is equal to if not greater than last years 12m but with even more float on the landings than last years 14m. Call it hype or whatever you want, but if you have a chance to demo one you'll see. I was literally laughing while flying in the air. As far a being more powerful than last years 14m, I'm not too sure. The interesting thing is how the kite would make power and fly so high in the window. Oh and by the way the flapping is gone for the 14. I was a little worried looking at the open profile and narrow look, but it flew like a champ even in crappy wind. I can't wait for a sold day of good wind, new toys are so great! :D

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