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Postby Nico » Mon Oct 11, 2004 5:07 am

Used the new contra 23,5 sat and sunday, and am now no longer worried about light wind days that are coming up.
The wind was 10 to 15 on sat and 6 to 11 on sunday, and I had no problem with various boards to go upwind and rip. the jumping is a bit sluggish as this kite is humoungous, but the pull is there and super stable.
Did a relaunch as well and the recon did it,s thing easily.


Postby Guest » Thu Jan 06, 2005 8:50 pm

This is good to know. I just got my 23.5 contra and have yet to try it. I am 215 lbs and have a 140cm board - icon (I'm not a cabrinha freak, but got a good deal!!).

What is the size of bar you use?

Do you think I need a longer more floaty board?

Any idea why the largest recon 2 bars are 55cm as opposed to 58 as per last year?


Postby CADz » Thu Feb 17, 2005 8:48 pm

I am 215 lbs and i have the 19.5 and some rider inform me that your beater off wit the 19,5 is this true

On the web you see all the 23.5 new for about 999 us
and for a 19.5 1600 us it smells

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