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17m yarga

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17m yarga

Postby shunter » Tue Nov 16, 2004 8:28 am

Kite: 17m yarga
Bar: 45 cm BEST swivel with 25m lines
Wind: 14-18 Knots with some holes
Location: Perth WA
Conditions: Steady wind open ocean waist to shoulder high swell
Board: 130 TT
Rider: 115kgs
Biased: I would like to think not

Overall a nice no frills fun to fly kite.. The kite produces a fair bit of grunt and turned well on a small 45cm bar. The kite is very good in the waves with power thru the turns and fast enough to redirect. It lacked a bit of pop in jumps off the waves compared to higher aspect kites and had slightly heavier bar pressure but nothing to severe.

On the water
When the wind was up the kite flew up wind well. My fun low end would be around the 14-15 knots for my weight and board size. You can feel the grunt of the fuller profile kite making you jump on that back foot to drive the kite to the window edge. The kite was easy to work in the lulls to generate power but I did start to drop down wind due to my small board size. The kite was very solid in the air with good consistent pull across the top of the window and thru the turns

In the air
At the lower end of my wind range I didn’t go for many jumps. With the jumps that I did get the kite had good hang time and was easy to redirect over head. The bar pressure feed back made it easy to know where the kite was during jumps.

On the waves
For the size of the kite I was impressed with the way the kite turned and redirected on the waves especial since I was using a small 45cm swivel bar. The wave’s are where this kite is suited with good turning speed and constant pull thru the turns.

Thanks to
Brownee in Perth for letting me demo the kites.

Soul Surfer
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Postby Soul Surfer » Tue Nov 16, 2004 10:05 am

Rider: 115kgs
Biased: I would like to think not
thanks for the review; but:
that would make an "un biased" review for two guys my size (68 kg) using one kite together at the same time :lol:

i would say the review is kinda biased in terms of low end and airtime.


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Postby sq225917 » Tue Nov 16, 2004 8:13 pm

yeh the weight thing kind of affects the way it jumps as does the bar size.
for a mid aspect kite in my experience i would say the yarga jumps very well indeed, when ridden overpowered they are definately at the top end of the mid aspect lift and hangtime scale.

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