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Postby smokey » Sun Mar 20, 2005 9:08 pm

I had a rogue wave custom board made for me last year, It was a 130*37 and was intended as an alround board. I hadn't riden one of their kite boards yet but I was riding one of their old windsurfers(used) and it was great, I had never talked too, or delt with rogue wave before so I was a bit apprehensive from being screwed by other retailers. I decided to call them up and found out that Lee would alow me to test out a few demo boards. They both were great boards and I wan't to buy one but they were sold before I could get any money together so Lee sat down with me and we talked about riding style, skill level, riding conditions, and personal preferences. We came up with a design and paint job, as well as a payment plan( I'm poor and would never be able to save up lump somes). a modist down payment and instalments of any amount,at any time(wow). And soon enough I had my board.

130 * 37 flat rocker, concave, rounded rails, pretty square outline(wake style), two inch fins, and just a Canadian flag on the bottom.(no logo)

This board has Increased my riding 400%

Coming form a windsurfing background and having no other boarding experiances I found that kite flying was no problem at all, but board control was a major problem with previous boards.

Once I took this board out I was amazed at the Speed and control I had even in the roughest of chop I could still hold an edge and head up wind, as a newbe to kiteboarding I had only one kite a north 14m r2 and the combination with this board and kite I could sail in as low as 9kt when others weren't able to even ride with there 18+ kites on surf boards. And could hold it down untill 20kt when completly overpowered (anybody who's flown an R2 14 Knows what I mean). After i distroyed my R2 I used a 16m '03 CO2 and a '03 10m BT . On the 10m I had the board out in 35+ kts and other than changing to smaller fins the board worked perfectly.

This board is FAST, gives tones of pop, carves so smooth in any condition, rockets upwind, alows me to load up like never before for those monster airs( Now I go bigger than anyone else, Just MHO though)and has increased my kite(s) upper and lower wind range(s). This board has been punished suverly, from beach riding too hitting bottom, rocks, and rails it still rides as good as new other than some cosmetic damage which has no effect on performance.

I just love this board and wouldn't be nearly as good as I am now without it. Thanks Lee your "The Man!"

Too anyone looking for a new board, it would be in your best interest to check out these boards first. Before you buy anything! Just think, 25+ years of experiance, amazing costomer sevice, garenteed for life, and all this plus more, for cheaper than a production board.


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