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RRD kites

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RRD kites

Postby SkydivingSkaters » Tue Feb 01, 2005 7:59 pm

:bye: Hi there PPL,
looking for some reviews/comments on the RRD gear.
I looked round a bit but was limited, why ?
Not popular ... too expensive ....crap?
or just more european?
I am looking at picking up four ex sponsered kites for what seems like a damn good price.
I think.
Spare parts availability etc?
I have been trying to look up the RRD site but it seems to be a little unhappy & under construction.

Please guys good or bad I would like to hear about them....oh by the way they are not the Z type - top end ? but I believe them to be type 6 ....8, 10, 13 , 16 size.

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Postby Mogulski » Wed Feb 02, 2005 4:12 am

In our area we had 6 guys buy full quivers of 2004 RRD kites. They all had problems and fell apart. The company agreed to take them back and fix the problems if not replace the kite, but then they changed thier minds and did nothing... they just sent back the busted kites.

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Postby mikethejeepguy » Wed Aug 17, 2005 6:20 am

I know its propably a little late for an opinion, but I have recently bought a 15m Type 6 got to fly it in Hatteras and am very happy with it. It seems like the kite is built pretty sollid. I think RRD just isn't aggressive enough in marketing these kites in North America. I was very impressed at how stable the kite was in the air, it had never overflown once... just kind of sat there waiting for input. I have recently picked up another RRD kite ... a 20m Type Z and am curious what that's gonna be like. So, that's my opinion for what its worth... you can find info on RRD kites at or Just to clarify.. I have no affiliation with the company besides using their products. :)


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Postby j1finnn1 » Sun Sep 18, 2005 7:52 am

The kites hold up well to abuse. Crashed type z's and sixes several times and was surprised at how well they stood up. Saw one defective kite, and the distributor replaced it at no cost. 2006 lineup is really nice.

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Postby kitenb » Thu Sep 22, 2005 3:31 am

RRD Kites are the bomb... I have had the chance to fly just about every brand out there over the past year or so, and I personally think they have them all beat. The construction is top notch, and they are just super smooth in the air. I just got a look at the new TYPE HIR kite and the amount of seams and attention to detail in the canopy, is unbelievable. We flew it yesterday, and it is rock solid in the air. It is super fast, has super lift, and is very light on the bar. I have also flown most sizes of the new Type 7, and again, they rock. Lots of segmented seams that make the canopy rock solid and with little or no wrinkles. I do work for a kite shop, but we sell every brand, not just RRD. For my quiver, it will be RRD kites this year....

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RRD Kites- Great Choice

Postby Turbid » Thu Sep 29, 2005 10:33 pm

I've been on RRD kites for 4 years now. The older kites, although good, faced the same construction problems of the other companies in 2002-03. However since then and with the change of design over to Simone Vannucci, the kites have increased in performance and durability dramatically. The T6 and the TZH were the first obvious kites of the design changes brought about by Simone, both excellent kites, rivaling those of North and definitely Naish, SS, and Cabriha. The new TWave, T7 and TWave2 are proof that RRD is now ahead of the game and leaving some former kite companies behind. I am sure that anyone who gives any of the 05 or 06 RRD kites a try will agree. :thumb:

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