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RRD Type Wave - Rider's Feedback

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RRD Type Wave - Rider's Feedback

Postby Live2KITE » Tue Feb 08, 2005 6:04 pm

Here is a reaction from one of our customers who just got his Type Wave quiver, and tested in the local spots:

" I rode the 10 Wave Type yesterday at Ocean Beach. BINGO...
20-30MPH North North West, Low tide, sets were eye level with fair water
All in all very stable flying characteristics, de-power that is
unmatched in my experience, and fast turning.
The bar and lines are tuned and ready to fly.

I never felt over powered and when a gust came I threw the bar out and
was able to recover. I did ride many waves; sheeted in to drop in and
was able to accelerate into where I wanted to be on the face. I threw
the bar out and let the wave’s energy take me, the best feature here is
the bottom turn approach. Bingo! Throw the bar out and you slow to
transition speed and you’re off ready to do another very controlled
bottom turn. You can control the kite power very specifically with the
5th line. A few more hours on the kite and I should be used to the 5th
line sheeting system. "

We will keep you posted as we are gathering more reviews from riders on the first wave specific kite in the market.

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