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4 hours on a 12m RRD Wave

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2005 4:08 pm
by johnmelton
I am 160lbs on a 142 Wavetray, wind was semi gusty/stormy averaging 14 to 18 mph with min of 10 and max of 30mph. First the depower is awesome for riding waves and not once did the kite look like it was going to hindenburg when fully depowered. This was my number one concern for a kite with this much depower, truly an evolution in kiting. For me a comfortable upper wind range would be in the mid 30's, mph. In every situation/condition this kite was very stable, controlable, and had power on tap, probably because it sits back in the window a bit and the moderate aspect. This did effect upwind ability, but the low end grunt on this kite is very good. I was able to stay upwind in 12mph, which is equivalent for me to a 12.5m Flysurfer Titan or a high aspect 16m LEI, amazing. However if I had to fight a current I would like something like those with more upwind. The turning speed was equivalent to a 6m (actual, not projected) Wipika Free Air, this is great for an advanced rider in waves, but makes manuevers like multiple back rolls difficult. You really have to use a light touch on steering, fortunately when you oversteer you have the extra depower, of couse this isn't much help when you are in the air. As for the bar setup, it's not made for multiple rotations. Sheeting/depower works fine with one twist in the lines but two twists start to cause significant binding. As for durability there is some early wear around the sharp ends of the battons, easily fixable, and the fifth line pully ripped out of the chicken loop. When this happens the kite is barely flyable on four lines, so be aware you may want to re-inforce this area, hopefully this was a early production flaw. Overall, a massive step forward for wave riding. I really look forward to a higher aspect, slower turning, better upwind model. If you are an intermediate, try this kite with a smaller bar.

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2005 5:01 pm
by panchito

Ok. the title of the post has something to do with the actual article ?
4 hrs on one session ?

Maybe your are young enough but I spend 2 hrs on Sunday with my 132 b and 13 k with 15 20 knts wind at my local spot in Tarifa and there are several parts of my budy I cant move anymore

Your take any vitamins if so you tell ya ok? :lol:


Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2005 5:08 pm
by johnmelton
I do cruise a good bit, chasing after the biggest sets of waves, and it was a borrowed kite and I was trying to be gentle. Also, ever since I was a ski bum and got used to skiing all day, I have been inclined to excercise all day. Now it's just a matter of finding the time! I will soon be taking a big pay cut and going back to working part-time, so I can kite and ski more!