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F-one Dream 3 review MAR05

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F-one Dream 3 review MAR05

Postby dachopper » Mon Mar 14, 2005 11:25 pm

well, I thought I'd put up my initial review of the f-one dream3 12 meter.

kite - it's a medium aspect 5th liner and looks lower aspect than the dream 2/1, i'd say similar to a slingshot with the aspect

build, looks quite nice, the struts are even smaller diameter than last years, and lat years were farkn small!! so the smallest i have ever seen i think. all attatchment points are reinforced, and the valve covers now have double velcroe vice single, so you wrap once one way , then once the other way, with a nice little F-one symbol on them for looks. they've also put some RAF harrier graphics on the actual struts. same quick deflate and separate inflate plugs on main bladder. 5th line attatchment points are reinforced, and the y bridly stays on the kite, thats all i'll say on the kite, overall looks good, and a nice improvement from last model

lines and bar, now this is what impresses me the most, carbon bar with 4 lines coming out, ( single front line splits into two about 15 metres up)
good depower strap range, plastic sheithed centre line that goes theough the middle of the bar, and bar's 45cm., the 5th line runs from the bridle, to a ring where the front line splits into two, then hangs a couple inches behind the front line all the way down to the bar, it goes through the centre of the bar, and down to the top of the chickenloop. where it has a minni cleat on a swivel for untangling, and for tensioning the 5th line for powered riding, or untensioned for upwind performance.. and the swivel is gouge, its easy as to turn under strain so i think there may be bearings in there. the fifth line can also be ran through the cleat and attatched directly to your suicide leash and used as your safety... If not, the bar is pushed over some shock plastic to activate the bar flying up the lines, while your still attatched to the chickenloop. the shock plastic does work at stopping this from hapening by mistake which was a bit of a downer with the previous model... and theres another fitting that you have to pull the stopper with your hand to activate, if you don't want to use that method... so 3 different safety systems... whichever works for you

the kite itself turns pretty fast ,and when cruiseing tends to stay where ever you left it which is nice, unhookeing is easy as there is 2 sized chickenloops to use, theres also a UPS power system for " hooking in" like on the cabrinas, that is on the back of the 5th line swivel and hooks onto a minature chickenloop thats on the bar, and bloody tiny. Havn't used it yet as not enough wind around when went out (15-17/18 kts)and worst sweep ive encountered all summer.. wil try test out the other features and see how they go.

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