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20m Raven used this arvo

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20m Raven used this arvo

Postby TheRussian » Fri Mar 18, 2005 12:10 am

Wind at Hayling was appx 17knots and the gusts were possibly up to 20knots, I was riding with Phil and he was lit on his 13m wipi

These are first impressions and I need more time to get to grips with the kites...

1) kite is more of a faff to rig (but it was the first time i'd set up a 5th line and I'd already had a hard day!), the octopus is great, but the pump needs to be weighted down or anchored to get the most from it... pumping the kite to 7psi takes a while and this time is better used doing the lines

2) kite looks great, v nice construction, looks like it will last and the bar & leash are as good if not better than I've seen on anything. Bag is just about ok, a nice touch is that there are straps for attaching your board to hike snowboard style.

3) I launched the kite in windy conditions, spray coming off the waves (high tide @ Hayling and nice head high sets) and was very impressed by the huge depower/top end (that said, there's almost too much depower if you dont reduce the length of the chicken loop), the only time I got overpowered was wave riding and getting too much speed on the bottom turn, this is reduced if you sheet right out.

3) Turning and pivot is awesome... it turns effortlessly, it seemed to be as good as a 16m V4

4)Booosting - takes a different technique to the X4, you have to have the kite between 12 & 1 o'clock otherwise.... if you use a normal x4 technique, you end up downwind of the kite, as the lift seems to be more vertical. The pull up is fast and then good float at the top, but as others have said, it doesnt set you down as gently as the X4. The kite has as much, uif not more instant pop than the X4, as going for a pop forward resulted in more airtime than I was expecting. The 20m feels like it will take a good few more sessions to get used to, particularly with jumps as it is so different to the X4.

Overall, a very smooth handling kite, lighter bar pressure than the X4, faster through the air, great turning & pivot... and boosting will take practice for decent hangtime.

A decent write up will follow after the T'reefer


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