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7m Wipika Matrix 2005

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7m Wipika Matrix 2005

Postby -wAVe- » Sun May 29, 2005 9:52 am

83kgs TAD 127/38 and North Rocket Fish - 2yrs kiting - backloop transitions/ frontloops / waves. Other kites used: Aero03 AeroII04 Matrix04 Vegas04 Vegas05 Rhino05 StrikeII05. All other kites currently North Vegas 04/05 (10/14/ 1 8 )

Bit worried how such a small 7m kite would perform and the winds I would need to use this kite. However it performed really well - very smooth, soft and stable in gusty 20-30knots ( 3hr session). Very fast turning so excellent for wave riding. (used fast setting). Used outside of bar for waves and hands near centre of bar for jumps - worked well. Didn’t fly too fast (just turned fast), which was great for relaxing in strong winds. Used North 5th line and set up quite easy but didn't need the long back line pig tails (30cms) so will remove and replace with North 5cms. I was surprised at how well the kite performed at the bottom of its wind range – I thought I would be sinking in the lulls but very easy to sine and pick up the wind. Great range - windsurfers were on 4.2m to 5.5m sails during my session. Wipika recommend a 40cms bar for this kite and I was using North (48cms?).
Down side: Kite has some colour run from being packed down wet – can’t believe that in 2005 kite manufactures haven’t worked this one out! 5th line nose line seemed a little short to me so I had to use the longest setting and shorten the front pigtails and now I have no further adjustment available (except shorter). There comes a point that you loose steering when depowering the kite by pulling the strap fully depowered. As you can see most issues are with tuning which will be overcome as I use the kite more.
Overall: Stoked with this kite. Gave me a really good session in wind and waves that I would normally have to sit out – I had as much fun using this kite as using a 10 or 14m kite – that’s the thing I am most pleased with!

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