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WindWing Rage 2 12M

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WindWing Rage 2 12M

Postby Xtream » Thu Jun 02, 2005 7:08 pm

I'm a 180lbs beginner kiter, I have been flying a Windwing 440 on the beach and on land at a local park.
I have been in the water 3 times excluding a 3 hour lesson.
First: The kite is very durable, pumps up very quickly and the ball valves stops work all the time.
The Kite Bag is really nice, I keep everything in it Wet Suit, towel, pump, 2 bars, and attached my harness and impact vest with the included straps.
I put the bag on my back its a Backpack! and I'm off.
I install the SAFE Bridle leader lines which was rather simple. I just followed the directions and pictures that came with the kite.
I used the 50CM CC-Bar

Launched the kite and its very stable.
So far everytime I got to the water the wind has been real crap.
Day 1 Wind 5-10MPH I placed the kite in the water leading edge down and let it float out, I sheeted out the bar and quickly moved toward the kite and got it to flip I than was able to launch in winds 6-10 and just get used to flying and body dragging.
Day 2 I got on the water Wind was 18 gusting to 30
I was a bit scared so I didn't attempt to get up on my board but I launched the kite and body dragged.
The same day I helped another kiter launch his 9m Fuel
He got tea bagged and dragged and packed up after 10 minutes.SAFE System Works that just proved it to me.

Day 3 wind 8-16 with ave of about 12 mph
Got an assisted lauch, no problem keeping the kite in the air. I was able to let kite kite just hover at the edge of the window. I took my hands off the bar and was able to get my board and put my feet in the straps while the kite was just bouncing off the water in SAFE mode.
Got up on the board the kite was awesome to control with the CC Bar and SAFE system. I was able to ride downwind and upwind board drag very comforatable.

I did not rate the jumping because I can't jump yet but after a few more sessions I think I will review it again and hope to include jumping.
I really like this kite and I know that I have and will progress much faster using this system. I feel the I have control that I didn't have with out the Safe System 1000% Satisfied with the Kite and the Support at Windwing... Thanks Mike Pauly and Boarding Bob for all your help.
Best Gear for my Money

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