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Slingshot Machine 20.5 Review

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Slingshot Machine 20.5 Review

Postby Hazmat » Wed Jul 06, 2005 2:51 pm

This is a review of a 20.5 machine. I purchased the machine; it wasn’t a demo test either. I had the machine out all of the forth of July weekend 3 days in total, about 8 hours of riding. I weigh 172 lbs, and was riding a Han crew Nemesis 136. My first impression of the kite is that it is very light weight, it only has three normal struts, and the rest of them are those carbon rods. I like the one pump, it blows up much faster then my Naish 18 V4. The kite is a large kite; I rode the kite in the ocean, so no flat water. I rode on a day with wind ranging form 9mph to 16 mph gusting to 20. The first day I flew the machine with the online bar. I personally have to say I do not like the one line; there are way too many moving parts and getting all the lines adjusted for the first time was a pain the ass. But after I got the bar adjusted it took about 1 and half hours to do, I was able to fly the kite. I really didn’t see to much advantage with the trim fifth line. I could tell a difference in performance is the kite with the trim in our out. The second day I didn’t use the one line bar, I used a standard naish four line bar, with a spinning leash. I personally liked the way the kite fly on the Naish bar then with the oneline bar. I self launched off the beach. It was pretty easy, one thing about the machine, it doesn’t have as rigged of a frame because of the lack of struts. So the kite flounders all over the place until you get some tension on the line. I dip drop the kite twice to see how hard it was to water re-launch the kite. I’m very impressed even with the fifth line how easily the kite flips over onto its back and goes to the side of the wind window the re-launch the kite. Very easy to do even in deep water. The overall performance of the kite is good for light winds, but when the wind picks up you better hold on. I would say that the kite fly’s well in a wind rage of 11-15. I was riding in very gusty conditions an :thumb: d when I got a big gust of 20, I was being pulled of my edge and going down wind. The kite has good upwind performance though, so I was able to get back to where I started. I would say if you have the opportunity to be able to do a long down winder, then this kite rocks, it gets you out in fairly light winds. I’m not crazy about the jumping performance though, you get small air put you stay up there a long time, where my other kite get you high but you don’t stay up as long as the machine. I was riding a Han crew Nemesis with the machine, so no I wasn’t on a light wind kite.

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Postby panchito » Wed Jul 06, 2005 4:15 pm

Well.....the 5th line do not work on light wind conditions......but it work fantastic when the wind picks up....

I have the 17,5 kite......72 kg and my board 132 x 39 and since I have this kite my 13 Diesel stays in the car.....

For me the machine has a hugh wind range.....on the high end....riding from 15 up to 25 knots of wind in one session.....and never had any feeling of been overpowered....trim the 5th line 10 inch + depower half way and you will really notice the difference....

Jumps are not so high but you stay quite a bit time on the air....

All my friends started with 14/15 kites and then changed to 10/11

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