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SS glide review

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sir slingshot
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SS glide review

Postby sir slingshot » Tue Jul 12, 2005 3:14 pm

rode the glide yesterday in jupiter at the flats so the water was dead flat and the wind never got above 11 it averaged about 8 and me and a freind were using the 20.5 and the 17.5 machine wich both had no problem upwind and jumping
when you first dip the kite you realize that it has a hole lot of planning serfice once on edge you can really feal how much grip it has even with no fins once up to speed you can flex the board to the right amount of rocker that you want and then shoot upwind
without a dought the sickest light wind board ive ever ridden

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Postby hamish1 » Tue Jul 12, 2005 4:20 pm

Worked for me to .

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standing ovation
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Postby standing ovation » Tue Jul 12, 2005 6:26 pm

got to admit...
haven't rode it yet
but i saw one - and it looked sweat
really light-weight, and thin.
construction looks superb - very not much like the old sling boards

eager to try one

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Postby nickr1977 » Tue Jul 12, 2005 6:43 pm

I have ridden the Glide also. The board is insane!

I took it out on my 05' 17m Fuel, pulley bar, and it was blowing between 9 and 13mph. I am a 210 lb guy. Normally I don't go out in anything below 14 becuase it is no fun for me on my small board, a 128.

With the first stroke of the kite, I was up and planing, after that I just parked the kite and upwind I went. Within two tacks of about 500ft, I was easily 200ft upwind. Just set your edge a little and upwind you go, no having to move the kite at all.

I started to try a few jumps. It was definitely different at first. Sending the kite and jumping was not to bad, the board has a lot of area, so you have to dig the rail in before you pop off of the water. I then attempted a few back and front rolls. Once again it took a few attempts but I got it down. The board has no concave and super small fins, there is almost no resistance to the water. I think this is what was throwing my timing off on the jumps was having almost no resistance to the water. Once I figured out that I had to load my rail deeper, the tricks came easily.

Lastly, at the end of the session the wind picked up to about 16-18mph. I started to get over powered. The Glide is not a fast board, it is a cruiser, even in the stronger wind. I never really got going amazingly fast on this board, but cruised along and had fun for 3 hours when other people were struggling to stay upwind. I even outlasted a guy on a 20m kite and a 6ft surfboard.

This is close to being one of the best lightwind boards out there. Slingshot has done a awesome job with this one. I imagine the Glide and a SS Machine 20.5, and I could have probably stayed upwind in 6-10, even at my weight.

If you are looking for a light wind board, go for the Glide, you can't beat it.

If you want to ask anymore questions about it, shoot me a email at


REAL Kiteboarding

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Postby gomarpyle » Tue Jul 12, 2005 6:53 pm

I rode one over the weekend, and then bought it...

This board is great for light wind, and even moderate wind. I went upwind effortlessly at a higher angle than I have ever gone upwind. The board is so frictionless, that riding it unhooked is pretty easy... similar to riding a snowboard or skateboard.... but not entirely that east...

Small fins make this board very easy to whip around... Board is very flext so landings and chop are smoothed out..

Pop is not this boards specialty at all, but I was still able to pop up for some raileys if I really loaded the board up.

The board is so wide you can ride outside of the footstraps... I put one foot ontop of the fin and the other next to the grab handle and rode it like a directional for the hell of it... Actually a good way to ride when overpowered since you get most of the board out of the water and have a small rail you can drive into the water..

This board makes kiting very easy.. Usually staying upwind is something I have to try and do... with this kite, going upwind is automatic...

I think this is the LFT killer....

There is some volume hidded in the middle of the board that is easy not to see. Unlike my other boards, this board will stay planing at very low speeds... I flattended out the board and could ride at a fast walking/jogging pace without sinking... a new sensation...

Anyhow, like I said, I tried it, then I bought it..

My other boards are North Dragon Large, and Jaime Medium.

I tested this board on a 14m R5.... Other kiters smaller than me were on an 18m R5 and a 17m Windwing and I could go upwind much much faster than them.. I have a Contra 19.5 I should have been on, but the 14m Rhino was more than enough with this board...

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