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Good bye gustiness and being overpowered

Find reviews of kites, boards and accessories

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Postby DrLightWind » Fri Jul 22, 2005 4:16 am

UNSAFE wrote:Deffinitly sounds like it has the range, as was confirmed by this review from another thread:

MKM wrote:
What parts are you most interested about?
The super quick turning, the unbelievable relaunch, the massive hang time, or the safety?
If the kite doesn't happen to be there, just ask anyone that tried it, I'm sure that they can help you out.
I'v flown the 9m saturday in 12 to 16mph wind range which was surprising,
because in that starting range I use the Rapture 15m.
Now I can confirm all the above it's true, no hype.
It has very similar flying and jumping technic as the Rapture,
so I got the hang of it right away.
It's a great kite and you could get away with a much smaller kite than normaly you'd be using.
The low end is unreal.

It has the range for sure,
but I just want to make everybody aware of,
I'm a light weight rider of 130 lbs (60kg) and I was using a 159 Mutant type board in that range,
to squeeze the low end performance.
When it reached 14 mph I was able to go about 8 - 10 feet high according Cab people,
which was very surprising for a small kite of a 9m.
Yesterday I was out in a 10 -12 mph on the Rapture with the same Mutant and I could do some 6 - 8 feet hights.
What it boils down the Rapture 15m has a little better about 2 mph better low end than the Crossbow 9m.


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Postby tomtom » Fri Jul 22, 2005 6:36 am

randykato wrote:I'm wondering where the powerlock hook will go. It can't go on the red collar, because that deploys the quick release chicken loop when pulled toward the kite. It can't go above it on the depower line because it would block the quick release. Hmmm.....
IMO it will be little above red release - just same way like on north.

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Postby lesbian horse » Sun Jul 24, 2005 3:55 pm

the crossbow 12m doesn't have the low end of the contra 16.5, not even close.

Have had 2 seasions testing crossbow and switching to regular kites.

15m liquid force spectrum 1 (2004) had better low end, by a little bit. In about 13/14 knots, both kites not holding ground but spectrum 1 could consitently keep me on a plane. Crossbow had to continously be worked and couldn't be ridden fast. Not much fun with so much bar pressure.

Next day out on 16.5, was well powered on 130cm board and over powered at times when I got riding speed up, I would say maybe 14-15 knots. 9m crossbow was heading downwind fast with directional. 12m was holding ground with directional but with plenty of kite working.

From my assesment the crossbow maybe has a realistic low end of a 14m, but it flys quicker and boosts better. However the kite doesn't seem to like being signed, it creates power when locked in. So I don't think this is the kite to be riding in the low end of its range. Bar pressure is very bad and it doesn't like to be flown. Take it into its upper range and thats when you will be smiling. I would still have a 16-18m in my quiver as well as a 12m crossbow.

People are saying you could have a 2 kite range, say 9m and 16m crossbow. Well yeah maybe. But you could buy a 20m 2004/2005 kite for $400 and a 2004/2005 8m kite for $300 that are better suited to the conditions then a xbow at its limit and save on not having to pay a premium for the crossbows. There were people out sailing the other day trying to justify how good the crossbow is and how much low end it has, but I just rocked up with a pos big kite and was up and riding having more fun.

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A bar design which might work with a crossbow.

Postby ronnie » Sun Jul 24, 2005 6:47 pm

I posted a design of bar on about 4 years ago. The bar had 2 pulleys at each end. The front and rear lines at each side of the kite were joined as a single line. The front part crossed to the opposite end of the bar and emerged from the other end of the bar as the rear line. The harness loop was connected to this line inside the bar just before the end where the front line emerged. This was mirrored for the other side of the kite. The 2 power lines to the harness loop emerged from the middle of the bar via 2 more pulleys. The power could be locked at the centre of the bar by clamping these lines to lock them. There are various ways of doing that. It is not patented, just an idea who's time may come. The bar steers and depowers a lot more than a normal bar. Safety may be by a quick release at the harness loop and 2 lines lines connected to the kite lines inside the bar near the end where the rear line emerges.
It functions in a similar way to the Cabrinha bar, but in theory may be better by steering more and being lighter when pulling on the power. Bit complicated though.

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