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Venom Review

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Venom Review

Postby rstalker » Sat Jul 30, 2005 4:33 am

I got my first good day on a 19M Venom and a 16M Venom.
I weigh 180lbs and ride a Litewave 136.
I flew the 19M in winds ranging from 10 up to 20mph with gusts at times of 25mph. Needless to say I was at the top end with the gusts but the Venom handled them with ease. I rode with the depower strap 1/2 way in and towards the end was almost totally depowered on the strap and still had plenty of control even with the back lines slack. For a big kite the 19M turns really good with a 60cm bar with 30M lines. As the wind increased I rode with a 50cm bar and 27M lines. This kite has huge lift with just a little pull on the bar, you are going way up!!
One of the best things Peter Lynn has done is create kites that literally park themselves above you. I rode with the chicken loop and donkey strap on all the time. Any time you would crash you just let go of the bar and when you finally are able to come up for air there's the kite just sitting above you waiting for more.
I brought out the 16M when the winds were sustained above 20 with gusts to 25mph. This kite is like a corvette the way it turns and responds. I rode it with a 50cm bar and 27M lines. Just like the 19M when you pull the bar in after barely sending the kite back in the window you are going for a very high and lofty ride. As of now the 16M is my favorite. I still have not flown the smaller Venoms. Setup and packing up are a breeze with these kites.
Previously I have flown a 9M Flysurfer Warrior and a 16M AeroII. I am now buying the 19M and 16M Venoms with a 13M coming along as soon as finances will allow.

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