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Jamie Pro M 2005

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Jamie Pro M 2005

Postby Wawando » Tue Aug 23, 2005 9:48 am


I got it about a month ago (just before the promos.... humpf... :-?).
I ride it at choppy sea and do a little of big air, wave riding and some kiteloops and downloops.
- Equipment: Top. I wonder how north expect us to mount the screws like they say in the instructions. The only explanation is that the who wrote them never tried to set it as it is explained...
- Planning and upwind: Although i am not the lightest rider around (82kg) i plane and go upwind like no other in much lower wind than i would expect and when comparing to may pairs i am the earliest planner/upwinder around (maybe it is just addicness ;;-) ).
- Waveriding: In the last days i have been riding it fairly loaded with 7m in 2m sets sea waves and this was the final test. Perfect. No bottom skidding even with the standard 5cm fins.
- Freestyle: Super easy to boost to the moon. It could be of eva all over the place for s-bend learning... ;-)
If you are looking for a all-round board, just get one. Together with the Pike 124x38, this is the board that pleased me the most.
It is nice to see how almost every 125-30x36-8 feels good in these days. Each one has it's temper. This is the one that suites me like a glove!

See you!

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