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nailed jumping the CB 16

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nailed jumping the CB 16

Postby kitester » Tue Aug 30, 2005 12:18 pm

Yesterday I was out on the CB 16 in about 15 to 17mph wind. SE conditions and not too much surf. I have found the CB to give me more lift in a very controlable way. If I want to try something new I dont have to be 20 feet up to do it. Just off the water is enough because of the hang time. I tried a toeside to foward spin and landed it the first time. I tried it as a transition with the same results. I have found myself able to time landings to hit the face of a wave and I have been doing a lot more wave riding than ever before.That is good for me because I have a real hard time in the surf I was able to get 15 footers with ease and that is the first time I have felt comfortable spining forwards and backward that high. The float is just crazy. Dont jump too close to shore or up-wind of your buds! Double the distance you think you need.

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