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North Rhino 6 9.0m and 12.0m

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Postby ced31 » Sat Oct 01, 2005 7:49 pm

Wawando wrote:
ced31 wrote:Can you tell more about wind range, particurlarly for the 9. At the moment, I use the R5 9 and I find the top end exceptional (around 40 kt gust for 80 kg).
40 knots??? your wind is different than ours...

About Rhino05 and Vegas05 grunt, it has as much as i want...

R06 must be really sweet if it is as i am imagining.

See you!
It is not constant 40kt but 40kt gusts in the south of France (dry wind is less powerful). And the max for the 12 R5 is more than 30 kt gusts... I ride my R5 9 when others use 6/7 sqm and my 12 R5 when others use 9/8 sqm.

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