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Any Catapult kite & board reviews ?

Find reviews of kites, boards and accessories

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Any Catapult kite & board reviews ?

Postby heychris » Wed Sep 21, 2005 8:26 am

I'm also interested in Catapult kites & boards, any infos ? cheers

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Jason Kitchen
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Catapult kites

Postby Jason Kitchen » Thu Oct 06, 2005 10:38 am

Be aware I am a shop owner so my rewiew could be veiwed as biased.

I have had limited experience on these but here goes. Ninja Star kite-
Build quality is excellent, especially for the price it was much better than I expected.
The kite has a unique diagonally segmented LE which makes it rock solid and very durable. Heaps of Bumpers across the front of the kite help fend off the nasties on the beach. Reinforced leach line is good.
All of the struts are union joined like the higher end naish kites, this combined with the 7 struts makes it a very stiff kite. Too stiff actually, you cant sit your board on the back of the kite to hold it down on the beach..... The other downside to this is the kite is a little slower to turn than some other kites. Kiteloops were a bit slower and brought me in hotter on the 13m I flew than if I was on my 14m Caution I usually fly. Personally I believe they should have made the Ninja a 5 strut kite. If you wanted a faster turner go with the mid aspect 06 Hawk that is due for release in OZ soon.
The Ninja is a good performer in the sky, quite luff resistant, boosts well and relaunches well in either 4 or 5 line mode. It is a little prone to flying backwards if you oversheet in light winds though. The bar is pretty much faultless with a very nice adjustable 5th line setup.

The boards are made in Aus and are similar to Cardboards but with snazzy graphics. The Samurai is the pick for surf or choppy conditions. The Ninja is wider with square tips and offers better light wind performance and more pop. The Butterfly is the chics version of the Ninja but is suitable for anyone who is after a softer ride or is a lightweight.


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Postby melky » Thu Oct 06, 2005 11:48 am

i've tried the 13m ninja star (for less than an hour) and would agree with the comments Jason has made....pretty well same impression....excellent construction....nice graphics...

boosts well...feels a little slow to turn and has a bit of bar pressure....easy to tell where the kite is...

unfortunately didn't get to try the Hawk proto on the water....just flew it on land..... it's definitely more medium aspect and from what i saw....turns quickly and easily with less bar pressure than the ninja star....

the 14m i saw out in a bit of good wind showed itself to be a good performer....

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Postby justoon » Fri Oct 07, 2005 1:48 pm

I to am a store owner,but as of yet dont stock catapult (only because im to lazy to ring eric) saw the 06 ninja star a few weeks ago and must agree with jason that its a very well constructed kite.didnt get to use it though through the thoughtlessness of mother-nature not to turn the wind on.didnt get to see any boards so i cant comment.

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