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F-One Impact

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Jason Kitchen
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F-One Impact

Postby Jason Kitchen » Thu Oct 13, 2005 11:28 am

Only had one session on this kite so it is mostly first impressions. I'm a shop owner so you can view it as biased but I do sell many brands.

Took the 11m out in 17-34knt gusty winds and was very surprised by the depower and just how comfortable I felt on this kite. I felt as if I could have handled another 5knts. The curved LE on this kite brings the front lines higher up the kite which allows you to sheet the kite out much further than a traditional LEI kite. The best part is the back lines dont go too slack so you dont lose turning speed.
mmmmm turning speed. These things turn on a dime and on a 46cm bar. They turn so fast that the 13m uses the same bar!
The following day we were out in much lighter winds and the kite has a better bottom end range than I thought it would. The front tips dont flare when you oversheet (because it doesnt have any) and the fast turning speed allows you to keep the power in the kite.

I know it all sounds like a lot of hype but hopefully there is somebody else out there that has ridden one?????


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