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GKSonic vs. Rapture2

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Postby windshreder » Sat Dec 31, 2005 8:46 am

Gus wrote:Hey Windshreder could you let go the Grammar lessons and get back to kite.
If you want to give grammar courses do it by clicking on PM (private message) and leave this thread to more Kiting subject.
Too bad, my post answering his question was way better than you complaining about it.
Cant kite right now,doctors orders... :( :( :(

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Postby Nunob » Wed Jan 04, 2006 3:31 pm

You dam right .
Thank you Windsheder.

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Postby aeberl » Thu Jan 05, 2006 8:28 pm

Stop the bs, enougth grammar lessons, personall attacs, etc. Stick to the topic!
I have tried the 9m Rap2 and after a fiew hours on the water purchased one: absolutely amazed about ease of use, simplicity and performance (upwind, jumping, hagtima, relaunch). Most of all, they were avilable in this neck of the woods. Tried to get my hands on a Sonic, Crossbow, Nova, Turbodiesel and/or Halo but was unable to. Don't know about their flying characteristics, but if their brands are unable to deliver at the pace they are marketing their respective bow-models, companies like WW will be quietly eating up a large slice of the pie while others are busy talking and getting at each others throat. Can only recomment WW to keep up wth production and distribution and not to bother with marketing... it is enough to have one on the shelf for it to be sold.
I contacted GK for distributorship for the west coast of South America and they have not even bothered to answer the e-mails after 4 attempts !!!! (just imagine the trouble of getting a fiew demos down here). The local Cabrinha dealer sells FOB US and does not deliver in Peru (he seems to be waiting to be pushed off the cliff, besides the unreasonable lead times) He is also the SS dealer and is not stocking up on any new models before getting rid of his 2004 inventory. Have not contacted Takoon or Airush yet, but it seems they have forgotten about the South American Continent at all.
2004 was a 75000 kite market, 2005 has not yielded definite figures yet but an 8% growth seems to be a conservative estimate. 2006 will be hard to predict due to increased windrange of bow kites and reduced number of kites per rider. C-kite substitution by bow-kites is another factor to be considered. Lets see how many new riders will be hooked this year and we will see by december 2006 how this sport will grow.
Summing up: I have tried to get feedback on Rap2 vs. Waroo comparisons, obviously the Sonic vs. Rap2 matchup ony yielded grammar lessons rather than significant contributions, X bow-kite vs. Y bow-kite wil produce the same useless results because the best kites are the ones that are available at your nearest dealer. If the mayor brands do not figure out their marketing and distribution strategies soon, I might get in the market myself to cover the gap !!!!!
Just go out and have fun with whatever is available, even if you have to try to launch your own linnen after screwing on some straps on your ironing board.

PS: sorry for the grammar mistakes :-?

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Postby Tanked! » Fri Jan 06, 2006 12:26 am

:lol: :thumb:

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Postby Nunob » Mon Jan 09, 2006 7:44 pm


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Comparison Crossbow / Rapture

Postby Wolle's » Mon Jan 30, 2006 7:51 pm

Hi aeberl,

I got raptures too and can tell that a friend of mine compared it with a crossbow ( both 12) He rode first the crossbow and then the rapture and said that they are quite similar.
He had the feeling that the rapture is a little bit slower i n turning speed, but may be this was result of the shorter bar. (crossbow 55cm / rapture 50cm)

Without doubt he had a good session with the rapture, it was hard to get it back.


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Rapture 2

Postby TomW » Mon Jan 30, 2006 10:41 pm

The Rapture 2 uses a standard 4 line bar with extended sheeting range of 45 cm. It does not use pulleys for 2:1 sheeting and therefore has lower bar pressure. This also means the action on the rear lines during turning is less exagerated as the x-bow 2:1 bar.
I flew the Rapture 2 16,5 with a 50cm bar for many hours, a tad slow in the turns in lighter winds like 17-18m2 C-kite, should have had a 55 or 60 cm bar. In more wind it gets speed and turns faster.


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