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Yet another GK Sonic Review

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Yet another GK Sonic Review

Postby frenchkitemaniac » Mon Nov 21, 2005 3:22 pm


I will post a proper review when I get time to but in case some people are still in doubt here it goes

I am by no means affiliated, buy my kites like anybody else.

I am no pro rider, been riding for a few years whenever I get a chance to which is clearly not often enough. Don t do handlepasses and kiteloops

Previously had Aero2 16, Rhino4 12 and AR5 8

Ths Sonic is the bomb !!!

Been riding in 20/30 knts for 2 days never felt unsafe for a second also the spot was more than dodgy and wind really gusty at times. Would say takes about 5 hours to get used to the kite. After that it is the smoothest ride ever. Does relaunch like a dream. lots of power available. Would say that the kite is much more fun when ridden really powered.

Found it hard to ride with one hand at first but than it s actually much easier than with a c kite dueto depower

Bad things are stopper ball which is absolutely useless. GK need to come up with somthing.

Apart from that if you want a 1 kite solution just go for it
Best kite I ve ever ridden

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