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Yarga pro! i dont think i ever tried a better kite.

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Re: yarga pro

Postby panchito » Sun Dec 18, 2005 6:55 am

enrico666 wrote:I was in Tarifa last weekend, and there were plenty of Best kiters on the beach, testing/demoing the Yarga pro. As for me, I was switching between my old kites and the GKsonic, which I was testing. I wrote some comments on that elsewhere.

I must say that, from what I saw, I was quite impressed with the new Yargas. The wind was really shit - horribly gusty, and very low lulls. The same people were riding the same 12 or 13m yargas in a range of wind between 12 and 25 knots. (Of course, sining and looping like crazy in the low end to get power, but still). I started with the 16, then the wind rose, I rigged the 12, did some more, then was overpowered on the 12 again... all this time, these guys were riding the same kite and did not seem to mind the gusts which made it really difficult for me to keep the edge.

My conclusion was that the range and the gust handling on the new yargas must really be very good. So for those who are looking for these features but do not want to go with the bows, I would definitely suggest test riding the yarga pro.

I saw them too in Alcaidesa ( where I live ) and in Palmones.... great kites, nice looking colors and the wind was shit

I saw also a bunch of riders walking back cause they end up down wind like any other kiter

I saw they were flying the kites on 4 line modus and on crashes the kites would´nt relaunch so easy

I saw a bunch of riders swimming back to shore cause the kite was soaked with the LE twisted in half

And I saw the Yargas performing as good as any other 06 kite out there the way of them got my Octane 12 for a ride and he love it too


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Postby Rockstar » Sun Dec 18, 2005 11:47 am

gumball wrote:As I posted in the Waroo v Switchblade thread, SurferAzul is a guy named Carlos from Tarifa. He's tested kites for many magazines and other brands including Wipika & Cabrinha and he is now filming a video/DVD of Alvaro Onieva. He's had a lot of opportunity to ride the Yarga Pro and he's obviously excited about it, but he's sincere and not a paid flunky...

So there it is from the head guy. Paid flunkys.

Is he talking about SQ ?

You bet he is !

And all the other "paid flunkys"

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Postby kitefrog » Sat Dec 24, 2005 11:03 pm

best probably copied the airush lift pro!

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Postby Boardwiser » Mon Dec 26, 2005 6:06 pm

I think the general kiting public are seeing through a lot of brand pimping now and to be honest why do they bother , it just gives the companies a bad reputation. There are so many threads about comparring this to that and a lot are from Best riders on holiday in Brazil so they don't really hold much weight. This isn't a dig cus Naish used to do it a lot but seem to give up, wipi tried and gave up, north still at it etc etc. Its just wearing a bit thin too be honest and no really "should" be that stupid to read threads on here and go and buy a kite on the strength of internet gossip.
Its all getting a bit boring.

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