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06 Yarga ... flying under the radar

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06 Yarga ... flying under the radar

Postby stacey » Tue Dec 13, 2005 2:43 pm

With all the buzz going on about the Pro and the Waroo, I just want to say a few words about the 06 Yarga (at least the 7m, which is the kite I flew) ... the completely ripstop, completely c-shaped, 4-line Classic Yarga ... a completely excellent kite that should not be overlooked. For people who are looking for a standard C-shaped kite, but can't afford to go with the Pro line, don't forget this kite!!

Yesterday, when Alex asked me what kite I was going to ride that day, the Waroo or the Pro, I think I surprised him by saying, "Ummm, neither ... I'm taking out the regular Yarga." It was not a decision I was really excited about... which any kiter will understand: when you find a kite that you really like, it's not easy to drag yourself away from it and try something new, not wanting to "waste" a session on something that might disappoint you.

But my local Delray kitecrew has been asking me about the regular Yarga, and I felt I needed to spend some time on it, and be able to like it or not, and be able to say what I think, with the confidence that comes with actually having TRIED it. So ... a bit reluctantly but resignedly, I'm now ashamed to say, I took it out of its bag and pumped it up. It's gotten so little ... press ... that it gets deflated every day .... it doesn't even get to ride around in the back of the truck with its struts inflated, like the cool, much-talked about Pro and Waroo models. :)

And went on to have one of the best sessions I've had since I've been here. The kite is stable, it turns fast, it relaunches well, it's very responsive, and the performance surpassed that of my much-loved 7m 04, and if that means nothing to anyone else, it means a lot to me (and will mean a lot to my local kitecrew). I stayed on it as long as I could ... I was having a lot of fun ... maybe 3.5 hours ... and only switched kites when the wind really cranked on and I was ... forced by the elements ... to experience the highend range of the 7m Waroo.

The kite was there for me and did everything I needed it to, and far surpassed my expectations of it. I think this is how it is for a lot of people: if I have a good session and can do every trick I know and work on all the new stuff I'm working on, and am not sitting there swearing at the kite (it's always the kite's fault:), and can just forget about it and count on it to do what I expect it to do, and have it be there for me, and relaunch well when I drop it .... that's what it's about for me, and for a lot of the people I kite with, who are not pros or techheads, but just average riders who love kites and kiting. It is with complete confidence that I could recommend this kite to any of my local Delray kiters, who I have to see every day, and could not TAKE it if all they did when they saw me was complain about the kites I'd recommended they buy.

I was still unhooking on it, right up to the time I came in for the Waroo, and the pull was solid and manageable. I have a tendency to overfly the kite back to 12 when I do raleys, but today, was able to keep it for the most part, where it should be. Although it turns fast (as most small kites do), it's not twitchy and unmanageable, and will stay where you put it.

While the Pro does feel more refined, and as someone else just stated in an earlier post, may be the Ferrari of kites ... not everyone can afford to drive Ferraris. Don't let that worry you. The 06 Yarga is a GREAT kite, and will be a welcome addition to anyone's quiver.

(Note: I've only been able to fly 7ms ... Waroo, Pro, and now the 06 Yarga .... since I've been here in Brazil, as it's been too windy for me to fly anything else. And yes, while it is often true that different sizes in any line perform differently ... my 2003 15 Fuel was a dog, and it's no wonder I didn't like it, SS fans have told me .... Peter has been very vigilant about testing and only approving kites for production once they fly to a set standard.)

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Yarga 06 11m

Postby mbigger » Sun Feb 12, 2006 2:22 pm

I tried my Yarga 11m 2006 yesterday and it is the best kite I have ever flown. This kite has some serious lift. Just an awesome kite.


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Postby ed257 » Sun Feb 12, 2006 8:49 pm

How does the wind range (low end and top end) compare between the Yarga 7 and the Waroo 7?


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Postby bleighty » Tue Feb 14, 2006 2:18 pm

What's the differences between a Pro and Standard Yarga? I know that cuben fiber is used on the Pro, but what else?

I flew the 11 Pro this last weekend in St. Pete, FL and loved it. Noel was here with a Waroo 9 and the 11 Pro. Solid as hell.

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Postby surferazul » Wed Feb 15, 2006 4:48 pm

You know, i recently had decided that the quiver im buying is gonna be 2006 normal yargas.
I know pros are better, but for the prices and having flown both i go for the yarga 2006, excelent handling ,relaunch, etc.
Probably the best kte you will get for the money.

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