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F One Demon. How good is it?

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F One Demon. How good is it?

Postby kakanala » Tue Jan 24, 2006 12:20 pm

This is a board with a killer look.
Any comment or review on it?
Thank you.

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Postby Ulah » Tue Jan 24, 2006 3:08 pm


Yes, this board looks and it's like a demon!!! :evil:

I could tell you about my experience on it. When I decide to change board, this one was my first option, because of the F-one’s tradition in quality boards and for the graphics and, killer look.

But I was afraid in order to the size of the board (125X39) and I weight 83kg. The first time I went on it I was very, very happy. This board goes upwind really great, has a very good pop, very gentle in landings and, in waves really good too.

In conclusion is a small board, stable like a larger one, with lots of speed and very easy to handle. It definitely improved my kite!!!

One negative point, the only one I think: when the wind slows down is a little bit hard to keep it in good upwind angles. For me bellow 12 knots if difficult because the board sinks a bit.

I hope my opinion helps you. :thumb:

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Postby epaschalis » Tue Jan 24, 2006 6:37 pm

I have the 125X39. The board is nice in medium winds and medium slow. I like it when it comes to landings (unhook kiteloops) but i think a bit bigger would be much better. I am 82kgr and sometimes i need more area to get me going. I had the SK8 last year and i think it was better in some ways. Espessialy when it comes to edg. The deamon i s not that good at that but it is very nicy for new school tricks.
I will sell it and get the bigger size (126X41).

One very bad thing about f one. The sizes are not the real sizes of the board.
I measured my deamon and it is not 125X39. It is about 123X37. I cannot understand this thing since also with the sk8 it was wrong last year.

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