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Switchblade review from a novice

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Switchblade review from a novice

Postby dblejumpcity » Sat Jan 28, 2006 6:17 am

4 days in Key Biscaine, Fla

Cpt. Ty from Kite Hatteras

Cabrinha Switchblades sizes 7, 9,12,16

2 guys in our 40's ( 148 lbs. and 210 lbs.)

kiting off of Ty Luckett's boat at "Stiltsville" in Key Biscayne, Fla. "Stiltsville" is now dubbed "Jump City"
windsurfed for 15yrs:
3 years ago picked up a kite:
local sailing spot Buxton NC, Dewey Beach Del.
I'm just a working man who finds it hard to get to the beach to put in quality sailing time.... I kite maybe 8-10 days a year....
Thanksgiving 04' took a week long Kite Came with a Company who paints everything Red ( I want my money back).... still couldn't board all that well .... couldn't stay on the board and spent most of my time with a turtled kite getting sucked down wind...
05' met Cpt. Ty and his boat what a difference ....Ty's got this pole on his boat... 10 mins. on the pole practicing board skills and learned more than the whole week with Big Red... the pole helped me understand how use the board so I could concentrate on the kite skills...Ty got me up on the board and able to go downwind and limited upwind reaches...I'm still anxious though when I start to pump up the Kite and had a leash on my board ( Aggression Kite board)
Dec. 05' took a road trip to South Padre Isle, TX took Slingshot GTO 9 and Cabrinha Element 14 both "c" kites wind blew 25 to 35 way out of my element only used the 9 and never felt safe...and oh yeah, broke the leash on a massive wipeout
4 day lesson & Bow kite test
Jan 06' 4 days with Ty on Cabrinha Switchblade bow kites....I'm sold... my friend and I decided to take a trip to Fla. and take lessons with Ty to learn how to Kite upwind. I'm tired of down winders... all I wanted to do was leave and come back to the same spot.... thank god Ty's got the boat cause' no leash
Day 1 ----
Ty had us practice water starts and board retrieval... god the Bow Kite makes it so easy....
As soon as the kite hit the water I just pulled on the outside lines or the chicken loop an the Switchblade came right up through the power zone....Sheet out no problem... didn't drown ..didn't get dragged down wind... didn't get submarined.....
Ty taught me to water drag about 40 yrds. past the board, turn the kite slowly, and then water drag right back to the board.... I'm now confident about Kiting w/out a leash ....
Ty then worked on board stance and "lock and load"
(The first day in Fla. we met TY and his friend Oliver at the local Kite beach and watched them do wicked jumps for about 2 hours... Oliver's got this really strait body stance where he practically lays out on the water...)
Ty talked about how every one has their own style and compared his to Oliver's, he discussed finding boundaries and how far to push it and how to work my edges to my advantage...
So this is what I learned.... drop the kite into the power it cause your worth it... plane the board... sheet out and then lock the edge/rail... I learned with the Bow Kites that if you sheet out the bar ( what a great bar) you get to really lock your rails down ....and WOOOSHH the board turned and I'm heading upwind, fuckin' upwind I couldn't believe it... So here we are on the first day and I've already surpassed my goals for the trip.... I'm embarrassed to admit it, but, I'm talking shit now... bragging that I'm jumping tomorrow.... me and my big mouth....
day 1 kites 12 and 16 switchblades...
my friend and I have a 50 lbs weight difference and we were able to fly the same kite.... these Switchblades are so fuckin' good...
Day 2
Ty sits on the bough of the boat straps his board on ... shows us how to bring the kite up to 11 o'clock .....hard right then left and the jumps it off the front of the boat ...rat bastard' wish I had the cajonee's.... it's easy to know where left is the Cabrinha bars are Yellow on the left .... Cabrinha really focused on the details.... these Bow Kites take the cake..... OH Yeah, me and my mouth... I take a couple of runs going upwind feeling good ....Ty talked about doing short runs not whale watching reaches... so I do a couple past the boat which is anchored ( I'm proving to myself I'm raking up wind) on the third pass I bring the kite to 11, set the edge, hard right and damn it I'm airborne.... but I forgot to go left and landed on my ass.... the bow touched the water, brought it up in the power, sheeted out, and I'm back under control... if I'd been on a "c" kite that would have been it.... but with the bow I'm up and ready to go... body drag to the board .. water start... head off to the good leg ..set the kite at 11.... hard right, lift off, turn left, turn the board downwind and just softly float down the landing.... I nailed it, I nailed it I nailed it>>>>>>> I'm psyched grinning ear to ear... I tap my head to bring the boat over to switch the kite over to my friend so he can go ....
Day 2 Kites Switchblade 7 and 9

for 3 1/2 days we flew Cabrinha switchblades from 7-16 ... like I said my friend and I have a 50 lbs difference and we passed off Kites to each other the whole time ... these bow kites have such a great range..... I'm selling off all my "C" kites and have already bought a 9 and 16 I said I'm "sold"..... I'm now back home and have another trip set up for Feb.

For a working man this trip was exactly what I needed, consistent wind and Cpt Ty to get me over the hump... I believe that I can show up to any Kite Point, rig my gear and go kiting.... I owe it all to Aggression Boards, Cabrinha Bow kites and
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Postby FredMurphy » Sat Jan 28, 2006 11:52 am

Your input's appreciated, but resize the picture and people will be able to read the text without scrolling back and forth!

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