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Flysurfer Cool 6m

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Flysurfer Cool 6m

Postby tazzpowerup » Sun Feb 05, 2006 6:46 pm

Just recieved a Cool 6m.
Nice kite it is a step up from the Rookie 2. I think the longer lines make a nice difference.This open cell depowerable foil is a great snow & land kite. You could use it in the water but just keep it in the air it's not a swimmer.
Bang for the buck you can't beat it. Nice entry to intermediate level kite or for the tube flyers that don't want to pump in the winter.


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Postby dr.lojz » Thu Feb 09, 2006 12:17 pm

Lets start from beginning, I was never really friendly with strong winds, don't understand me wrong but I am kiting enough long, huge experiences and up to now no mistakes.
For the beginning of the winter the Flysurfer Cool 4 come to my hands, was dedicated for my son, Btw great fun for him and he let's me try to use his kite for hi wind! For the weekend catch us strong North wind with the force of 30+knots, well I say it is time to try!

Lets see how it was. The sport airport is closed, the snow surface perfect, a bit Icy, hard! The Cool was the right choice!
The wind was drooped down, so quick for a size bigger, OK not really,
but the Speed 10 was for one hour on the stage, so great kite!
Then the nuke come on, first I help for the friends to pack some of tube kites, they don't have any chance in such a strong gusty wind!
One shot for the "magazine" and here we go!
Take it easy no mistake please, it was hard to see the surface, the skis are singing under my feet, I am happy, the kite work well, so easy to control, power is predictable all the best!
In any direction in any position just the right thing. Cool is not only simply beginner snowkite, it is much more. We don't talk for the freestyle kite, this is kite for coursing also at full speed to be under control.
For comparison in the same time the Speed 5 was on the stage, but was to powerful during the wind gusts so this was not the game!
As I say under the full power and the hi speed you have everything under control, I was surprise how quick and stable can be such a small foil!

I will not say was possible to handle with the size 6, this was so comfortable runs, for everybody who is looking to have the sport under control. Highly recommended for all beginners and Cool snowkiters. The Cool is the most stable kite in my hands I have. The bar pressure is low, really low. The kite follow 100% the steering impulse, there is no surprise in the air. The gusts hard ones absorbs well, it is immune on the dirty air!
I am sure we hear in the close future to have the use Cool into the free ride back country style, I thing the best choice!
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