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North Vegas 06- Excellent Kite

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Postby smokingman » Mon Feb 06, 2006 6:03 pm

:thumb: Yes smoky, the kite flys great as a four line. If your going to us the chicken loop as the suicide leash. You may want to move the clam cleat up a couple of inches, this will make the throw long, but it should kill the power and keep the kite in the air. I would test it before throw in a kite-loop handle pass. To test it ride along will hooked in let go of the bar if all the power shuts off your good.
Warning if you have got the new ironheart with smaller release check your spreader bars.
later all

Dave K
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Postby Dave K » Tue Feb 07, 2006 10:42 pm


Just curious how much you weigh and size board you were using when out on the 12M in maxed out winds? Man, that water has to be cold!

I still have my 2004 Vegas quiver with 5th E. This is my year to upgrade. I am about 195# and my 14M has always been my favorite "sweet spot" size.

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Postby smokey » Wed Feb 08, 2006 4:38 am

Thanks for the replies, I'm looking at the 14,9 combo with a modified std bar( insted of outside pullies just oh shit handles) I think this would be the ultamit set up for me, range, power, stability in a kite with a better cleat, locking stopper ball, and saftey of the STD bar.,

What wind range do you think I could get with he 14, 9 combo maybe 10-25kts and 20-35 kts repectively,


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My opinion

Postby Rod14 » Wed Feb 08, 2006 12:27 pm

Hey guys,
Have you notice the little wind range of the Vegas6 12m?? :?:
If you are a novice level, 13knts to 16??? This is a wind range?? No :oops: :oops:
If you are interm. or advan., 13 to 22knts, come on!!! :x
If you are expert, 13 to 24, know we are talking :thumb:
This data I took it from,

With a bow 12 you have from 12knts to 30knts of wind range, and that is true!!! Because I have one.
My weight is 80kg, I have a 130cm board and I have a Switchblade 12m, and my old C shape 16,5m. I have 7 years of experience.
Sometimes with my Contra, I ride with 12knts and it’s really fun. But in some conditions I have to pull it down with 20 or less knts.
In the other hand my Switchblade 12 I tried it from the same 12knts, and in another occasion I tried it with 28knts with gust of 30knts, and I couldn’t believe it, it was one of the best ridings.

For example another interesting thing, my wife weight 55kg, and she is starting right now in kite surfing, when I’m with the Contra, she is with the SB, and believe me she is not in dangerous situations in a 16knts day, or a little more.

Come one guys, what are you saying?? :bye:

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Postby lampu » Wed Feb 08, 2006 1:30 pm

what about this?
range.jpeg (44.66 KiB) Viewed 2185 times

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aha thks!

Postby Rod14 » Wed Feb 08, 2006 5:39 pm

Thanks for your excellent info. I already noticed that, but.....

....that’s why I put my specs about my board, kite and my weight, because MY wind range of a SW12m it´s from 12knts to 30knts and that is true!! 8)

In your case I want to know YOUR WINDRANGE of the Vegas6 12m, have you tried it yet?

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Postby sberemski » Wed Feb 08, 2006 7:51 pm

KidKiteRock what would you say are the main difference in between the Vegas and your bow (XB?)? Thanks for the info btw! :thumb:

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Postby eastcoastkite » Wed Feb 08, 2006 8:15 pm

Did you get to test the RRD wave I hear that is very similar.

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Postby jonw179 » Thu Feb 09, 2006 11:06 pm

north give those wind ranges as the MIDDLE of the wind range according to the site... so the sweet spot i'm assuming.

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Postby Wawando » Wed Feb 15, 2006 11:45 am

About windranges:
If Vegas06 has extended windranges, why are the vegas windranges the same or less than the ones of the Rhino06???

Looks like someone fixed it. hehehe.

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