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9m Waroo in St. Petersburg FL

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9m Waroo in St. Petersburg FL

Postby bleighty » Mon Feb 13, 2006 7:53 pm

From a beginners POV.
Pretty gusty conditions 20 to 25..
(Feb 11, 2006 @ Sunshine Skyway in Tampabay) ... ast+7+Days

spikes of 35. I weigh about 190lbs. Holding down 11m 2004 yarga with 25m lines fine.

Noel from Best stopped by to let a number of us try out the Waroo 9m and 11m Yarga Pro.

First bow kite I've flown. Super quick. Noel told me to be agressive with it, but at my level and with the gusts I was flying it a bit out of the power zone as when it powered up, it really kicked in. The depower was quite an experiece. Super easy to control in the gusts.

Bar is super simple (compared to other bow kite's bars I have seen)... kite was so easy to fly .. and responded instantly. Would have rode it all day if I could.

I jumped on the 11 Yarga Pro immediately after and it flew very similar to my 11 2004 Yarga, but just felt more solid. Still gusty and I was able to hold it down quite well. Closer inspection.. very well made. Super solid kite. I love the Yargas.. for the price, best deal around in my opinion. I will def. be getting a Waroo 9 to use in gustys conditions.

Again, big thanks to Noel.

Now, heres a review from same day from a very experienced rider in our area..

coolest thing he talks about is Noel doing a kite transfer w/o any hands on the bar... again.. NO hands on the bar.. just holding the loop as the kite sat up in 25+ gusts. wow.

here's E-Bone: ... e5d0aaf9c9

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Postby gumball » Tue Feb 14, 2006 7:11 pm

right on, glad you liked it. The Waroo and Yarga Pro are both sick kites!

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