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My shockwave 9 review

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Postby Nico80 » Sat Feb 25, 2006 11:22 pm

Yes how funny javascript:emoticon(':D') it was with the other Pierre, we were that day 3 to try the shockwave and all 3 of us thought it was too grunty and a bit slow (compared to the slingshot we also tried the same day) but from all the shockwave users I hear this disappears in higher winds (it sounds strange to me that the kite pulls so muchs in its lower range... but no worries my disapointment is only based on a few minutes maybe on a badly tuned shockwave, and whatever Naish is absolutely top quality as high as it gets and I trust Don Montague too be a very fine sail designer (Until today my favorite kite remains the Boxer ;)

Bon vent!

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Postby flyaway » Fri Jul 13, 2007 9:47 am

When I owned a SW 9, I had first a Boxer SLE 12 tunned in 1:1 mode. The SW9 bar presure was much much much heavier than the Boxer SLE 12, and have backstalling tendency in the low end of it´s range.
Then I decided to change the SW9 (2006 model) to the 1:1 mode using the 2007 shockbar. Now the kite is well tunned, faster, lighter, and works well in the low end of it´s range. I can now stear the kite with only one hand in the center of the bar... Just the perfect kite to me at the moment!

Love to try the 2007 shockwaves... but no one here! :-?

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Postby pierre.d » Fri Jul 13, 2007 10:10 am

It is the same for me, I am using it more and more in 1-1,
and switch earlier to my 7 when the wind is strong.

I still keep the 2-1 when riding strapless on my fish it is easier ...

The bar pressure is not the only issue, for me the main issue is jumping
in high wind with the 2-1 configuration, you can make bad mistakes like
an unwanted kiteloop

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