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Vegas06 12m review Dutch to English translated

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Vegas06 12m review Dutch to English translated

Postby Sake » Thu Feb 23, 2006 10:45 pm

Translation of

12m Vegas 2006.
Wind: fat 6bf
8 and 9m was most used size.
According to North the kite has superdepower, so I pumped up the 12m to see if it’s the case. Beware most were really powered up with 8 and 9m!
Noseline set on 2nd knot and strap half powered and no problems walking up to the water against the wind. 20inch Naish 2006 bar and steeringlines at middle loops of the kite.

When riding no problem getting pulled of the rail, super control with the kite, the kite wants to go forward and no sidepull, great feeling, nicely light on the bar, kite responds on every movement at the bar, good feedback of the kite.
Set the depowerstrap like you want and you can easily unhook. Jumping high is relaxed and I mean really high, but it feels like the kite is not pulling. It feels that light. Nice long hang to land relaxed. You can ride with hands along depowerstrap with little power needed to steer. The kite is fast still keeping it’s shape perfectly when steering hard and the pull is almost always the same. No hard pull when steering in.

Kitelooping is nice, sick high jumps and the kite makes a fast circle and nice building up power. Kite is allready fast at 12 oclock so you got lift when landing

It’s a kite with which the boards needs to do the work. What I mean: with a downloop S-bend you’re able to set a hardrail and make a high pop.
Also with raleys: unhook, rail hard, the kite stays at his position and you’ll land relaxed. This a real freestyle kite, but also for mega big air.

The wind dropped to 5bf, noseline on 1st knot and you’ll have good low end. Normally powered I was able to do board offs. Had more then enough power to ride with minor 5bf when there were 16m kites on the water.

Even more, I also have a Shockwave 12 and a Switchblade 12m, ik went higher and longer with Vegas as with the other 2 kites!

All in all a brutal, stabil, kickass looking kite very good for (hardcore) freestyle but also big air, with a wide range.

1230 on the water and 1630 off the water, so a fat 6bf7bf and finally 5bf

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