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Did any one try the Waroo 16m?

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Did any one try the Waroo 16m?

Postby guyk » Fri Feb 24, 2006 9:13 pm


I tried the Waroo 9m and fell in love instantly.
I plan to buy a Waroo 9m and a waroo 14/16m.
Since I didn't try it would any one give me his impression of the kite and what size would you recommend as the low-wind kite .
I kite for 6 years. My current board is Underground FLX28.



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Postby Kurt » Fri Feb 24, 2006 10:54 pm

I have spent a couple of hours on the Waroo 16 now.
I found it quite nice as per the 12 and 9 but obviously a bit slower and less lofty as you would expect in a bigger kite. It definately needs the 55cm imo.
I am about 94kg and would say the fun bottom end for me on a 136x41 board is about 12kts. If you were going 2 kites I would say the 14 would be a better match up to the 9 but this is just my thoughts and I haven't tried the 14 yet. Tried the 12 alot (10hrs+) and If the 14 is the same feeling inbetween the 12 and 16 then I would go the 14.

I found the 12 has similar bottom end to a 14/15m kite and the 16 felt like the same bottom end as my 18bfk.

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