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Waroo 9m newbie first ride REVIEW

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Waroo 9m newbie first ride REVIEW

Postby vinnya42 » Mon Feb 27, 2006 4:22 pm

So I had my lesson on my 9m Waroo yesterday, I am brand new at this first time putting a kite and snowboard together. I will be as honest as possible and give my instructors comments about the Waroo too.
First the winds were around 10 mph alittle above and below thru out the day.

First I have never used another inflatable kite so when I talk about bar pressure and power of the kite I have nothing to compare it to. This kite is smooth through the power band and turns very fast, and from the first I felt like was in total control of the kite. I was scared at times when I would shot thru the power band and not letting the bar out, but that was just me forgetting how much power this kite generates. I was pleasently surprised when I would stall it the edge of the window how I could still give the kite a strong turn and get it to turn over and head back into the power zone.

The depower works great, if you let go of the bar the kite just slowly falls out of the sky giving plenty of time to grab the bar and power back up before it hits the ground (in 10+ mph winds) When the winds were over 10 mph pushing 15mph I could get full depower while holding the bar and it felt comfortable, when the winds were under 10mph I couldn't get it right and had to stretch my body to hold the bar and still get the depower I needed. Bar pressure was so light I feel I could ride all day and my arms would be fine all day. I was able to spin the bar hand over hand to untwist very comfortably I didn't miss not having a stopper ball.

The relanch over 10mph was as easy and rocking the kite until it rolled over, at under 10mph it was a bitch! I had to pull both back lines over and over to get it up and my shoulder are very tired today with all the relaunching I did. Now If I had 15mph winds or up then relaunch would have been as easy as the few times when the winds were up yesterday.

I found myself having to do alot of sheeting out, the kite tips would start to come in and sheeting out would fix it but it happened alot, my instructor said this was normal with the bow and the LE was inflated properly. I don't know if this is normal and the LE did seem firm. It could also be the light winds that can be so unforgiving to a newbie.

My instructor had never seen the Waroo and said it had a good build quality and seemed big for a 9m kite. He wasn't sure about the depower until he flew it, then thought it worked well. He was shorter than me and had to reach to get to the depower strap, I had no problem reaching the strap. I hooked the saftey leash to the depower strap so it was easier to pull for depower. We were using the Waroo on a modified Slingshot bar so I can't speak to how the Waroo bar works. He voiced concerns about the full depower in really high winds when he looked at the kite up close while I was hooked in and it was fully depowered, he wasn't sure about why it bothered him, but said it looked differnet that other bows. While I took a break he was doing some jumps with the kite, he had no board on just jumping it in place. His feet got 4-6 feet off the ground and he came down softly when he jumped. Not sure if that is normal but it was in 10mph winds so I thought it was cool.
His overall idea about the kite is it was well made and flew very well and he was impressed...but he wanted to see it depower it higher winds.

Keep in mind this was my first time flying any inflatable kite and in 10mph winds, I really like the kite and can't wait to try it in higher winds. I asked my instructor if he could have fun with it on a day like today and he said he could ride it in this wind without a problem.

I hope this helps,

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Postby Kitedude » Mon Feb 27, 2006 4:49 pm

vince what kites have you been flying??
I didn't miss not having a stopper ball.

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Postby vinnya42 » Mon Feb 27, 2006 5:24 pm

The Waroo is my first kite, I am commenting on others complaints about not having a stopper ball.

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Postby clydesdale » Mon Feb 27, 2006 6:22 pm

"I didn't miss not having a stopper ball."

ah, the triple negative

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