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Yarga 13 06

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Yarga 13 06

Postby Buzzy » Thu Mar 09, 2006 1:20 am

Yarga 13 06, first impressions/compared to the 05 and 04 model

Ok Guys,I am kinda biased because I fly for Best, but anyways mabe you´ll find it interesting
13tens are not my favourite size.. I prefer 9s and 7s but who doesn´t for most of us (in europe) the 13 will be the most used size and I could have i as my biggest kite and just skip the really low winds...

The 13ten 04/05version1 was a good kite, stable as hell with a good grunty pull..but for my taste it could have been faster,
The 13 05 version2 was lots faster, had a little less pull, better windrange..but needed a 5th line to keep its shape in gusty winds/overpower and it wasn`t as stable as the 04...

Out of the back
the kite looks, pretty simpel and neat, clean panels, no triangular cut anymore, struts aren´t segmentet, the kite looks clean and simple...I guess not even half as much seams than on a Fuel (but you won´t be flying seams) and a lot less than the 05model..the antiflutter pads on the trailing edge are gone, the TE isn´t scalloped and a spanline in the TE prevents fluttering, the tips are pretty makes a clean impression, no special gimmeksno bullshit..
The kites pump up really hard and the thin not segmented struts make a good job and pump up stiff, you really wonder for what all those seams were for..the ballvalves work nice as usual,(so it work in 9 of 10 times, if it doesn` work, do it again and it will work) ,the frontube is pretty thin and looks “runderâ€
klein2.jpg (197.75 KiB) Viewed 705 times
you can see the difference between the 05 and 05
klein3b.jpg (104.07 KiB) Viewed 705 times
klein4.jpg (124.94 KiB) Viewed 705 times

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