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Eolo Radsails Evo 8 and Evo 10 review

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Eolo Radsails Evo 8 and Evo 10 review

Postby gandulf » Mon Sep 24, 2007 8:43 pm

Radsails is a brand who has the reputation to make budget kites, and this year, they wanted to step their product range up a notch and brought their first depower kite on the market....

The Bag

The Bag is a huge travel backpack, with a lot of space (you can fit two kites in them), lots of compartiments. It has holes in the bottom so water and sand can drain out...

The Bar

The bar is a standard depowerbar, good build quality, BUT it doesn't have a security leach... the lines are colour coded and of good quality... When flying your bar isn't responsive at all, and there is NO bar pressure, which some people hate (like me) and some people love... you can't fly unhooked with it...

The Kite

Both kites are well finished, although the bridles could have been a little better reinforced... had no problems with them though... Material seems strong...

In the air

Don't try to fly the evo during low wind... it won't fly or barely fly.... they become fun from 4 - 5 beaufort. The 8 reminds me more of a peter lynn arc/venom, while the 10 looks more like a flysurfer.... They are given the comparison that the evos sit in the range of kites between the Ozone Acces and the Ozone Frenzy, which is totally true... although they have remarkably more lift than the Acces...

+ price
+ package
+ lift
+ high end
- no bar pressure
- no unhooked flying
- low end

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