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New ProFoil 1.5m²

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New ProFoil 1.5m²

Postby Pdxnebula » Sat Oct 13, 2007 5:39 am

Well here goes the next ProFoil 1.5m² review;

In 2 Words, Awesome Kite!!!

In slightly more detail, took it out this evening in steady 10-12kts winds at the beach on the Columbia River, next to the PDX Airport...

Nice clean winds off the river, set up the kite on the handles it came with, sturdy enough, (2" shorter than my other quad handles that came with my 72" RipTide Quad from Newtech), drilled a couple holes in the backside bottom's of the handles & added brake loops, & a set of 300/100lb 100' spectra lines)

Got the kite setup & hooked into the brake loops on my stake. & it just sat there, parked perfectly, cells full & ready to fly... Slipped the brake loops off the stake, & gave the kite a tug, right up the middle of the window, & it never stopped pulling for 2 hrs. it flew straight up to peak & waited for its next input, it turned on a dime & will oversteer if to much brake is applied but is very easy to pull out of & any turn that ends up to sharp, is easily corrected, by easing off the brakes...

In 10-12kts winds, it pulled like a small truck, did some 3-4' scuds on a grassy part of the beach in sandles, with nice tight figure 8's through the powerzone, (grinning from ear 2 ear) had to land it several times to give my hands & arms a break from the pulling it gave me... It flys in reverse & reverse launch's very well all the way to the ground, or will sit at its peak & just wait...

Compared to my RushII 250, I may be comparing (this type of apple vs that type) 2 line vs 4line, but (the Profoil being exactly 12" shorter at 7'2" & the RushII 250 at 8'2") is just as fast if not faster & pulls as much if not more, than the Rush... thats where the similarity stops... they both look great & fly great but the Profoil is most definately the better kite IMO...

I'd recommend a ProFoil to anyone, who wants a nice looking, sturdy, very well made kite that will not dissapoint or break the bank & is tons of fun in the air & has more than enough power & speed for its size... Can Hardly Wait for 20-25kts winds... & 2-3 sizes bigger!!!
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