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Cabrinha 5'3" S Quad 2008

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Cabrinha 5'3" S Quad 2008

Postby dazza5172 » Fri Jan 18, 2008 4:20 am

Short review summary here:

A moderate to strong wind board for a medium to light wieght rider, stong wind board for larger riders. A very fast and responsive board which allows for reactive turning and hard core wave riding. Good for a very busy white water surf where you need to be jumping a lot and navigating white water. (most of the surf we all get).

Great for Jumping and air time, great for lip moves and bottom turns where the surf demads constand activity as apposed to picking very long down the line arcing turns.

Not really for longer down the line riding especially where the extra speed toe side means you will feel its small size as it is waiting for you to throw it into a move.

Other board for this would likely be the 5'9" Squad but I have not tried it. Certainly the 5'9" Squad would be following the similar characteristics for the larger rider.

Construction is solid and this board has had many different riders as a demo and seems to be putting up with the abuse very well.

A big review and photos here:


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