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Ozone 08 Quick Review

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Ozone 08 Quick Review

Postby Cleo » Fri Jan 18, 2008 5:36 am

If anyone waits for the new Ozones to arrive as impatienly as I do then this review is for you. A short glimps of what we are waiting for.
I will leave the bar piccies asside as it has been mentioned in forum already.

Way better turning, lighter overall due to thinner leading edge and struts, one pump, faster turning. 14 m turns as fast or faster than 12m light 07.
Especially the turning on these kites is amazing this year, ! It is beautiful compared to the 07's, 2 settings on 5th line.

Better depower,softer feeling during the flight, lighter due to thinner leading edge and struts, faster in steering!15m is as fast or faster than the 13m 07,different wingtip wich makes it less stally while turning (same on Lights),more power through turn and flies with less drag! A litlte bit more hangtime and a little more vertical lift. We reckon it will be better in waves cause it is a bit more stable in the corner with less stalling but i do believe the Lights this year will be the wavekite to go for! 2 settings on 5th line

Fast,light and speed are keywords here!Take it all from last year and than add 20 to 40 % Improvement!Super clean flying characteristics and the thinnest struts you have seen and off course one pump! Still the same lift and hangtime.Very light bar pressure and with the new bar set up without the plastic on the depower rope you will have better feeling on all the kites and more fun riding!

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Re: Ozone 08 Quick Review

Postby YngvaiMalmsteve » Tue Jan 22, 2008 7:51 pm

How's the range on the '08's compare to previous years? The 06's had some sick wind range...

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