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rrd toxic wave review

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rrd toxic wave review

Postby davej » Fri Jan 18, 2008 5:30 pm

Hi Everyone
I finally got my rrd toxic wave board about two weeks ago from Evan at" onclick=";return false;. But being in southern California it’s almost like getting a new snowboard in June. Finally got to try it out yesterday. To put the review in perspective I have been kiteboarding about five years. I ride a combination of waves and flat water. I can do kiteloops unhooked, f-16's and some unhooked tricks. Surf kiteboarding I ride a 6'2 surfboard strapless when its good. I have been surfing since I was ten and competed when I was a in my teens, now in my early 30's.

Now to the review. The wind was a bit on the light side but had about half hour of wind that you can stay up wind on. The surf was small about 1-3 foot. Wind side on shore. At first impression the board edged really well and felt food under foot. It has a twin tip feel when edging. Although there is a bit of a sense of riding off the tail but not as much as other mutants I have ridden. Going backwards was a pleasant surprise. Most mutants I have ridden can go backwards but pretty much suck. This board blew me away at how easy it rode backwards. It does feel a little different than going forward but it does not have the awkwardness of other mutants I have tried. It upwinds really well backwards. Once I got in the waves this board goes from the twin tip feel to a surfboard feel. It carves a turn just like a surfboard. You can hit the lip with a total surfboard feel. It does not have the volume of a surfboard but it still has the feel and you do not have to be fully powered to ride a wave. Like I said the wind was a bit light so I did not spend much time jumping as I was focusing on waves. The few jumps I did the board poped pretty good and had the twin tip feel on pop. This board was a true pleasure to ride. I can’t wait to get it in some real waves and real wind.

I would recommend this board to anyone living with less than perfect waves. For the conditions that we have with side on winds and sloppy surf usually in the head high or less this board seems like the way to go. I will add more to this review once I get some real wind and waves.


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