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Peter Lynn Synergy first ride

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Ozone Kites AUS
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Peter Lynn Synergy first ride

Postby Ozone Kites AUS » Sun Jan 20, 2008 9:37 pm

I flew our demo 12M Synergy for the first time yesterday, in winds around 17-23+ knots, for approx 45-60mins, until a storm took out the wind." onclick=";return false;
I used an Underground 152x44 FLX, because the wind was lightish when I started, and I weigh approx 75kg.
I had not flown a Peter Lynn kite for approx 12 months.

I'll start with my gripes first, because there are not many.
Lines/bridles, need to be better sorted. I had to ride this kite with the front lines on the closest knot at the top of the trim strap, and had to have the trim strap pulled all the way in - rear lines/bridle was too short.
The leash is crap and will break, webbing sewn to thin plastic tube is not going to cut it, and could lead to the loss of the kite!
No sure about the bridle, would like to try the kite without it. Prone to snagging on a tip on launch

Now the good stuff.
The kite fills easily just by opening the upwind zip, there are 3 zips one at each end for filling and one emptying zip in the middle.
Connected the front lines first rigged cross upwind, walked back through the rears and I was ready to go.
Tried to self launch, but the downwind tip/bridle got a snag, waited till a mate lifted the bridle over the tip. First launch rears way too short, down again make an adjustment, had one run across the river but the kite was still choking a bit, came back in and asked another make to just hold the tip while I moved the front lines to the knot closest to the trim strap.

Bingo, now it felt nice, rode for another 30 mins or so, got some decent jumps. Super easy to tell where the kite is in a jump, and felt the kite would have very good hang time/float.
In the winds we had I was not over powered at all. It was easy to bleed off power just by edging and pointing upwind. I took upwind off all other kiters, the largest being 14M bows, most other people were on 10 and 12M bows.

Requires an adjustment of tecnique when turning and landing jumps. This is because of the way the Synergy turns, and possibly something to do with the bridle (thats why I am curious to adjust the bridle and maybe try it without it). Basically do not sheet out too much, I was doing this out of habit from flying SB3's

I had all 3 adjuster straps on their tightest setting, would like to experiment more with what effect they have.

Auto zenith is not strong, and the kite did not sit overhead as stably as I expected, still nice to let go of the bar on one jump I stuffed up and see the kite stay in the sky and move to the top of the window.
Did not notice the kite wanting to rise when riding and tracking upwind.
Upwind is very good, comparable to my usual rides/Cab SB3's

Will add to this when I get to ride the kite again and will take some pics too.

Bag is an excellent design, the kite can be packed down to the size of a 60 litre approx backpack, by removing the tip spars (folding alloy tent style).
Bar is the Zero7 PL bar that has been around for a while now, good solid bar, just needs a decent leash, and would prefer a front line flagging system too. Bar has rear line o'sh1ts which the leash connects to.

Lines/bridles are kook proof.

Cya and



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