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2008 Eclipse Thruster 16m

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 10:59 pm
by sburlo
Had my second go on the Thruster 16m on Sunday morning. It was the best session I have had - I love this kite. :thumb:

Skywalker 130cm TT
Embarrasingly still a beginner although first started kiting in 2004. In the past 18 months have been out a total of 3-5 times. Prior to that - every now and then.

Onshore winds in the low teens (knots)
Checked the one pump - all the cable ties intact.
One pump - sweet - saves a lot of time.
Self launching is easy and the conditions I have used it allow for it - plenty of space and a nice sandy beach.

Very stable - able to get my feet into my board straps easily and not worry about the kite.
Got up and started riding - was able to edge well and push out the bar when I was speeding up.
Could not do this before with my C kite and my old floaty beginners board - would speed up and lose control.

Was able to have my longest run ever - must have been either going up wind or just holding ground as the winds were onshore/slight cross shore.

Was able to water relaunch well most times but had difficulty water relaunching when the kite was directly downwind and leading edge down. Looking at the Eclipse website video last night I suspect I may have had the bar the wrong way. :oops: I think I may have done this as my reflex reaction would be have the lines so they are not crossed.
The wind had dropped at this time also.

I will practice this and also the self landing - I am not consistent with the self landing yet - forgot to unhook and was unable to land it neatly. Have done this neatly before.

This kite is built real tough - heaps of reinforcement in the high wear areas.
The wave design looks great and is actually stitched into the canopy.
Attention to detail in everything
The quick release on the bar is great - I have activated it and practised this - I feel confident that it will release quickly if I ever get into trouble. The release on the leash also works well - it will release easily only when you want it to.

This is a beginner friendly kite, I feel excited that I will be able to improve and eventually jump intentionally - just need to get out there and ride with it more often.

Re: 2008 Eclipse Thruster 16m

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2008 1:48 am
by ascendkiteboarding
I had the 2007 but I should be getting the 08 here shortly and I cant wait.

when you went to the site did you go to the 56k or Cable/DSL version?

Re: 2008 Eclipse Thruster 16m

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2008 1:50 am
by Eduardo
great review - a lot of advanced reviews focus on how fast it loops and ... but beginner perspectives are very valuable to other beginners.

I just got one myself but the wind has been so strong it's still un-used. But by summer it will get a lot of use and I'll post too...

Re: 2008 Eclipse Thruster 16m

Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:49 am
by sburlo
I love this kite!!

Almost 6 months have passed, I feel I have progressed a lot because of this kite and time out on the water, although still infrequently go out.

The sweet spot for me is 13 - 15 knots, gets a bit hairy for me in the high teens although I have not tried it with the line extensions removed.

I have got the hang of relaunch when my feet can reach the ground, even in fairly light wind.

I have not had much practise in deeper water, but I guess I can practise in the shallows but keep my feet off the ground.

Re: 2008 Eclipse Thruster 16m

Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2008 10:51 am
by dragonpig
relaunching this kite in light wind 10-12 knots is near impossible..... not a great light wind kite but dont think thats what it was designed for.

Re: 2008 Eclipse Thruster 16m

Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2008 7:37 pm
by Larse
dragonpig wrote:relaunching this kite in light wind 10-12 knots is near impossible..... not a great light wind kite but dont think thats what it was designed for.
Normally I use my T12 as my smallest kite. I can get out on the water in 12knots on that and have fun. But today I tried the T16 for the first time in 10-12knots, because I was teaching a new kitesurfer to get on the board. First let me say, that I can ride my T12 in the same wind as the T16, so that was my last time on the T16. I'm not a fan of large kites.

But for such a large kite it was pretty good. It was slow, but I was still able to through good kiteloops with backrolls. What really surprised me was, that the kite almost auto relaunched! It was super easy to relaunch when crashing side ways. I just told my student to let go of the bar and don't do anything. And the kite launch it self again. It went to the edge of the window and then he could get it out of the water with out any problems. When he crashed the kite directly on the LE he couldn't get it up the first time. I told him to pull from above the floaters and just wait. The kite slowly went to the side and up. I've never seen such a large kite relaunch that easy. Way better han my T12 actually...

So dragonpig, I think you just need a little more patience when relaunching. Like any thruster it's all about patience when relaunching. If you pull and wait the T16 comes up so easy.

I think the kite is perfect for teaching because it's slow, super easy relaunch and a good steady low end. But for fun I would take my T12 any day of the week... ;)