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Review Ozone 08 Sport2 11M

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Ozone Kites AUS
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Review Ozone 08 Sport2 11M

Postby Ozone Kites AUS » Sun Jan 27, 2008 11:06 pm

Well I got to ride the 08 Sport2 11M yesterday for approx 3hrs, one word - awesome!
Wind was about 18-20 when I left the beach to head over to a secluded spot away from the craziness that is part of my local spot on a weekend.

Over where I was testing the kite the wind was a bit stronger and over the day it continued to build, when I came in it was solidly over 30 knots in the gusts, averaging 25-30 IMO wind readings from a windmeter 6-7klms upwind. ... 4767.shtml" onclick=";return false;

At times the wind blew over 30 knots, but I was still comfortable and in control. I was riding my old slipper the faithful 1.32 07 FLX. With FL pro staps.pads

The kite goes upwind as good as or better than my other favourite 07/08 kites, being the SB3 10M, Waroo 11M 08, and the Rev 11M 08.
It easily jumps as high or higher than any of those kites, and is easy to redirect in the air, and was nailing most of my landings even at the start, I immediately felt at home on the kite.
(edit) I just had to add that the float/hangtime/glidetime, for this kite is awesome much better than last years Sport, the Edge must be incredible!
Rear line tension, in real wind is solid, feedback is good and you always know where the kite is without looking.
I set the bar to be powered/comfy for me in the middle of the depower line. I noticed that the canopy looked super smooth when the bar was pulled all the way in, the small but noticeable creases at the tips of the kite disappear when the kite is loaded.
looked like the canopy was purpose designed like that, giving a fuller profile curve at full power or optimal AOA.

Anyway I just really enjoyed riding this kite, depower is excellent the kite has a large wind range and I dd not adjust the trim at all over the course of the test.
Easy to steer one handed, I could switch to toeside and turn the kite backl from low in the window and carve really fast powewer turns just using one hand.
A couple of times I got out of shape and just let go of the bar, power from the kite drops 70-80% and the kite flys or hovers for enough time to allow me to get sorted or land and then just grab the depower line to get the bar back, just like I do on the other kites I mentioned.
Relaunch is dead easy, point the bar, self launch is easy too, using the usual /bow/hybrid pivot on a tip method (tested that on a sand bar, by myself) and self landed using the leash to flag to one front line after letting the kite rest on the sand bar. It just fell flat and sat there on the wet sand.

Another mate who was in another area of the bay tested the Edge 11M, hopefully he will make a review soon too.
Wind is up again, so I'm eating my breakky and heading out for some more!!!

Cya and



bern dogg
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Re: Review Ozone 08 Sport2 11M

Postby bern dogg » Sun Feb 10, 2008 3:06 pm

hi steve, not sure what i am doing it wrong, i cant seems to get the jump right with the 08 compared to my 07 sport. i dun feel much power going thru the bar before my jump and has to keep the bar in before take off. also i also have to send the kite far back to feel the lift. any advice?

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