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Ocean Rodeo - Rise 16M Review

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Ocean Rodeo - Rise 16M Review

Postby JonnyQuest » Fri Jun 29, 2007 5:47 am

:thumb: :thumb: Two thumbs up for the Ocean Rodeo - RISE!

Jumping: 10
Low end Pull (grunt): 9
Turning: 9
Upwind: 10
Depower: 8
Durability: 10
relaunch: 10

Range: 10 - 18+ mph.

Rider: 170 Lb., prefer to ride 135cm wake style/twintip, but with San Diego's light wind I'm often on something in the 141 x 46cm range; Ability level: San Diego team rider for Ocean Rodeo (and trying to be as unbiased as possible!).

Number of times ridden: 7-8 with only one really powered up day in 14-20 mph winds.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the 'RISE' line from Ocean Rodeo, and would have no hesitations what so ever recommending this kite, of which I own a 16M and 12M. Being my first SLE, crossing over from the Diablo series kites, I was pretty comfortable right from the start and that has not been the case with other SLE's I tested. I have held off on SLE's because of the annoying lack of low end grunt that a lot off them seem to have and the need to build up to speed and power to boost. Where as the 'RISE' has more of that instant low end, truck-like pull of a C-kite, especially the 16M. So I consider this to be more of a hybrid. The downside: less wind range compared to other SLE's I rode, but then I personally don't see the need for my largest kite to have a ton of range when my 12M 'RISE' rides really well beginning at 15 or 16 mph! (Incidentally, if you owned a Diablo 18M, I consider the the 'RISE' 16M to have a tad more power, with of coarse, much better turning and jumping!)

Jumping: no need to build up speed; instant boosts with good floaty hang time. In fact I think I've already gone higher on this kite than my Diablo 18m (or Diablo 16M for that matter).

Low end pull/grunt: If you like the low end pull a C-kite you will like the this kite; so it does work well for unhooked wakestyle riding.

Turning: responsive, intuitive and I felt that the bar pressure was right on; you can feel where the kite is without your arms being ripped out. I generally like the bar, except that I wish the chicken loop was a little bigger to hook back in after unhooking.

Upwind: no complaints

Depower: Better than a C-kite but not as much as some other SLE's, but that is probably why there is better low end power. Give a little to get a little.

Durability: typical Ocean Rodeo, well built, well designed, bomb-proof.

Relaunch: On OR's website they rate the Diablo as a better relaunching kite, on this I would disagree. I think this is their best relaunching kite to date and have gotten to relaunch quite easily.

Last notes: The bar comes with 3m extensions off 21m lines. There is a noticable difference on the 21m w/o the extensions. It just flies better, turns quicker.

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Re: Ocean Rodeo - Rise 16M Review

Postby Draztic » Fri Jan 25, 2008 2:07 pm

You forgot to mention that the kite comes with 2 different attachment points for each line letting you dial it from a top end freestyle machine to a slower turning more beginner friendly kite in case you want to use it for teaching or whatever. :thumb:

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