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Anyone looking for Ultra-Lightwind should try new 2008 kites

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Anyone looking for Ultra-Lightwind should try new 2008 kites

Postby Cyclon-Kiteboards » Fri Feb 01, 2008 4:57 pm

Presently we`re on final tests with our 2008 light wind boards. Allthough our main interest is on our boards we like to inform you that after testing a lot of 2008 kites we have some good news:

In 2007 we found the best lowend on Speed2 15m and Rhino7 16m (but to high bar forces).
Now we additionaly tried the 17m Waroo08 and we were pretty amazed of it`s flying characteristic!
At same winds 3 different riders went out with the kites and here is their conclusion:
-Speed 2 15m took the lead and possible to go upwind at 7,5 knots. Waroo08 was quite as good, maybe just little bit later, like 8knots!
-Bar forces on Speed 2 are light - > on the waroo just a little bit more (but still less than 2007 15m waroo)!!!
-The turning speed of the 17m Waroo08 is way faster (full360turn at our conditions 1,2 seconds Speed 2 15m 1,5 seconds) and good lift starting at 9knots allready for both!
-Both kites super stable, both stayed in the air as wind went down to 5knots (of course no more riding :lol: )
One more nice thing, At that winds you can use additional relaunch procedure if you are on your own. If the waroo lays on it´s Fronttube in powerzone, just pull both backlines about 70cm, and it will climb up backwords, After it has reached about 10m height let go one side of the backline. It will do a 180°turn and climb up straight away. Very soft and good controllable! (But only check this out during light wind or you will be the beach rocket!

So this year light wind starts making fun a lot earlier!
Take our advice and go out test those kites and get you own view! It`s worth it!
Hang loose Team

Wind Speed measured in 10m height: 6,8-9,3 knots
Outside Air temperature 30°C
Rider Weight 75-88kg
Board: Cruiser08 141cm


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