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New model Flysurfer Psycho 3 and Speed 2

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New model Flysurfer Psycho 3 and Speed 2

Postby bayshorekiter » Tue Feb 26, 2008 2:25 am

I travel a lot. It's what I do. I take my gear with me everywhere. Bulky at times, especially when packing two kites, two boards and a wetsuit. Oh yeah, and a pump...

So I'm at the beach, not alone but on my own in a foreign location. I pump up the kite and lay out the lines. A guy signals, so I help land his kite. Turn around and what do I see? A deflated kite - mine. Yep, another bladder failed. Another miserable day while I watch others kiting. Another lost opportunity.

It may be a travel thing. I have so many bladder issues, I'm thinking it may be something to do with all the traveling. Maybe the glues don't like the constant temperature changes. Whatever, I am over inflatables. A guy mentions flysurfers, and the quest begins.

I've read the 12+ pages of reviews from 2005 on the Speed 2. Nice posting, but that was eons ago. 2005 is old gear. Nothing showing since on flysurfers. How does a Psycho 3 hold up in wave riding? What are the downsides to having a kite that doesn't need inflation, packs down to nothing, dries easily, flys in winds from 10 kts to 30kts, unparrallelled safety features, water lauches like an inflatable and hangs, turns and depowers as well as or better than anything on the market today?

Build quality is excellent. No complaints there. No complaints anywhere, really.

I'll never never never again leave a bar and lines on the beach. That was costly. Flysurfer recommend I leave the bar attached to the kite when packing it up. Seems too good to be true. Seems to be the perfect gear for traveling, covering the wind ranges and doing all the tricks available from an inflatable, and more.

Any comments from those who've flown the Psycho 3 or Speed 2? What are the downsides? What are the upsides? Why change from Naish, North and Ozone, apart from the obvious reasons like I won't need a pump, won't suffer a bladder failure, easy to launch, massive wind range, never lose my costly bar and lines again, and so on?

Thanks in advance...

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Re: New model Flysurfer Psycho 3 and Speed 2

Postby DrLightWind » Tue Feb 26, 2008 5:36 am

I fly both Inflatables and Foil Types.
I use a 15m Speed2 for light winds from 8 to 20 knots.
The low end pulling power and hangtime is better than similar size bows or hybrids
with slower steering responses but you can get used to it.
Set up is fast and easy once you figured it out and the bridals might look scary first.
Self launch, land is easy and safe alone.
Relaunch is faster normaly than Bows and you can easily reverse relaunch.
You have about 15 minutes until it fills up with water
and you have to re-learn how to relaunch it properly.
If you have a bow tie than out of luck but still you might be able to fly it back to shore,
it happened to me.

There are several types of Foils available for your style and conditions.
Especially now what Flysurfers came out with and coming out in couple of months.
You will find your light winds need with a Flysurfer Speed2
and if you're looking for free style or wake go for the Psycho3 or Pulse2.

The best would be if you go to" onclick=";return false; under "Foils galore!" to ask questions there.
since this site is dealing with foils only and people are nice, no Pimping. ... c247249596" onclick=";return false;

Good luck,


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Re: New model Flysurfer Psycho 3 and Speed 2

Postby bayshorekiter » Tue Feb 26, 2008 11:23 am

Mate, thanks a lot for that.

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