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Ocean Rodeo 2008 Rise 'Venturi' and Zen 129X39 Freestyle

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Ocean Rodeo 2008 Rise 'Venturi' and Zen 129X39 Freestyle

Postby tommeltot » Fri Feb 29, 2008 7:22 pm

Our house recently took delivery of the above new Ocean Rodeo gear and it's already been put to good use.

The board is top notch and the equivalent of a Porsche or Mercedes in the car market. Fast on the water with very good 'pop'. I wish I knew how to post photographs on the site because it would be well worth it. Perhaps someone else could do so? The board is red in colour with some striking grahics. The footpads are self adhesive and nicely stuck down. Foot straps are supportive.

The kite is the 10m. It is the red model. A striking looking kite in the sky. Nicely powered session was had the other day in 15 knots (might have been less at times) together with the board.

Today the jumps were big (for me) and floaty controlled.Have yet to realize the full potential of this kite and the 'venturi' effect. Not yet dunked it so can't comment on the relaunch but if it's anything like my 2007 Rise 12m then it should be a piece of cake.

This gear is well worthy of serious consideration. :D

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